Opinion: Kogi Gov Doesn’t Believe COVID-19 Exist But is Duty Bound to Guide the People Responsibly

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Let me start with the advice provided by a Professor of Philosophy on whether God exists or not. He said it is better to believe in the existence of God while alive so that if you are confronted by God after death you will not be found wanting. If after death, you discovered that there is no God you would have lost nothing.

My brothers and sisters, it is better to believe that COVID-19 exists and take precautions against it than to claim it doesn’t exist and get rampaged.

Whatever Governor Yahaya Bello is doing in Kogi State today happened in Kano. The only difference is that Governor Ganduje did not engage COVID-19 in a childish and irresponsible shadow-boxing. He, however, led the people of Kano on denial until they began to beg the world to come to the rescue of the state.

It is on record that Kogi State incident commander, the state commissioner for health, had been accused of blocking the tests of blood samples. The visit by NCDC officials gave GYB the opportunity to dismiss this grave allegation against the state incident commander. But GYB sent the NCDC team on their heels by threatening them with 14 days quarantine.

A senior official of the Federal Ministry of Health in Abuja told me last night that the officials sent to Kogi State just came out of isolation before their deployment to the state. I have also read arguments suggesting that one of the NCDC officials had a handshake with a protocol official of the state. Good. Isolate that particular official and allow others to carry out their exercise.

I also hold that GYB, who addressed the team without a facemask, should proceed on isolation too. Even his deputy, Edward Onoja, who is the chairman of state task force on COVID-19, should proceed on isolation for failing to wear a facemask in public.

There is no gain saying GYB does not believe that COVID-19 exist but because of the leadership he holds, he has a duty to guide the people responsibly. 

All said and done, the question is what is scaring GYB about COVID-19? Why is his administration blocking tests of blood samples as alleged? Is that a protection for Kogites? I doubt. The best protection is to know the scientific status of Kogi State vis-a-vis COVID-19.

Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, don’t listen to anyone supporting GYB’s disposition on COVID-19. In their respective homes and offices, they are following the hygiene protocols and regulations that guide against the pandemic. My brothers and sisters, COVID-19 is real. Please be guided.

May the Lord continue to keep, guide and guard us. Amen.

– Kola Ologbondiyan, a national officer of the PDP, wrote from Abuja.

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