Opinion: Kogi Generating Revenue Through Tourism

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Several days ago I wrote on Kogi internally generated revenue (IGR) generation through agriculture as a youth and several folks called me asking why I am opening up ideas to the government that I am criticizing.

To me it does not matter as long as Kogi gets better economically and otherwise.

Aside agriculture, the next biggest gold mine that could transform Kogi and increase our IGR beneficially as a people is Tourism.

Kogi Central, where I have been opportune to grow up and understand the culture of the people, is a community where activities like Ekunchi Festivals and other cultural, traditional masquarade festivals and activities that is been
yearly, quarterly and otherwise celebrated by the people can be modernized, restructured and made more visitors friendly to welcome outsiders from far and near to spend their holidays without loosing a touch of cultural value and importance to the people. This was recently being clamoured to be banned by individuals and I laughed at their ignorance (that is another discussion by the way).

Aside these festivals and celebrations, the water fall in Okene that is around Ajaokuta road is a big attraction point to visitors and others if properly harnessed could be made tourist standard point of visit. This with the beautiful mountainous scenery and points in and around Okene-Ajaokuta-Kabba axis could be value added and generate visitors (that is on my own plans and concept I am not ready to divulge yet).

Aside this, the popular Apapa (Beans Moimoi cooked in leaves with the special delicacy) can
be made popular and branded.

Also, the traditional localized cloths been weaved by Ebira women could also be made more popular.

For Kogi East – where the river confluence points of river Niger and Benue that criss-cross that axis could be leveraged over to bring in tourists from possibly Lokoja abandoned Confluence Beach Hotel.

Aside this, the cultural story points of the great Inikpi and others could be globalised and the sites made a world map visiting place. (I also have branded ideas on this storyline that I can’t divulge yet).

The Igala’s clothing patterns and traditional weaving styles could also be globalized and made popular for tourism.

For Kogi West where Lokoja, the first Indigenous capital of Nigeria was first landed. The Mount Patti where youngsters have turned into a recreational and sporting zone on weekends could be made globalised and popular
by continuous and standard maintenance could be haven for tourist.

The Lugard Houses and slavery yard could also be revolutionised and branded more. Down to the river banks around old Apata market that looks unkept and uncared for could be rebranded with boats available to take
interested tourist off into the waters for fun and the rest (I have ideas about this I am keeping to my chest).

Down to Kabba where the growing popular Obangogo mountain in Kabba is fast becoming a tourist site that could also be on the world map if modernized and made more classic.

These with other traditional festivals like New Yam farming and others could revolutionized and
made a yearly Calendar celebrations.

Down to Egbe in Yagba East where is can be said to be the cradle of modern Nigeria SIM-ECWA missionary visit of Rev. Tommy Titcombe that brought the prestigious Titcombe College Egbe and Egbe Hospital that are world class
standards if properly harnessed.

The hills, mountains and other peculiar points in Egbe where this missionaries stayed could also become tourist points if well packaged and harnessed.

Julius Akinrinde

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