Opinion: Kabba Day Has Come and Gone

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It is a pellucid fact that Kogi state has always been in the news for the wrong reasons since the inception of this APC-led administration. This is ranging from from non-payment of salaries to workers and pensioners, killings, kidnappings, suicide, non execution of projects, harassment, humiliation, clampdown and apprehension of vociferous critics and recently, the disruption of Kabba Day celebration by hired thugs and hoodlums from the Central Senatorial district.

Albeit, the event has come and gone, but the memory still lingers on. Owe people will not forget momentarily how the state government’s sponsored thugs and hoodlums from the Central senatorial district disrupted the yearly event, thereby desecrating our land. The rationale behind this is not far fetched; the best senator and most vibrant and outspoken senator representing Kogi West Senatorial district, Otunba Dino Gbenga Melaye and Gov. Yahaya Bello have been at loggerheads. This is owing to the singular fact that Sen. Melaye has been speaking for Kogi masses and fighting for the rights of the poor and dejected civil servants.

It is pertinent to note that Otunba Melaye enjoyed massive support, thunderous applause and warm reception from the mammoth crowd when he arrived the venue and while addressing the people of Kabba Kingdom. Prior to the celebration of this year’s Kabba Day, it had been peacefully celebrated devoid of disruptions, violence, attack and open confrontation. This is an event that had been witnessed and graced by dignitaries and men from all walks of life. Alas, this year’s event was marred with disruption by unscrupulous elements; people with antithetical philosophy from the Central senatorial district.

It is disheartening, appalling and abysmally preposterous that someone from another senatorial district could sponsor thugs to invade and disrupt our hitherto peaceful peaceful event and pelt our revered, influential, respected and vocal senator with sachet water on his way out of the stadium. This is totally unacceptable and an affront on the educated people of Kabba Kingdom.

It will forever remain indelible in our minds how the state government’s sponsored thugs invaded and disrupted our yearly event and posterity will never forgive the perpetrators.

This is indeed a time of opprobrium and obloquy for the state. It is quite unfortunate and philistinic. This satanic act must be condemned by all compos mentis homo sapiens in all its entirety before sliding the state into precipice.

– Olubiyo Joseph Mayowa, a journalist, sent this piece from Lagos.

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