Opinion: Hon. Rabiu is A Refined and Enigmatic Lawmaker

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Over the years, perhaps due to election processes or the syndrome of “godfatherism” that ate deep into the Nigerian government systems, especially political offices. The concepts of checks and balance was hitherto rubbished to protect political party, religious, ethnic and social interest and Kogi is not an exception.

To say the least, the present Kogi state house of assembly seemingly almost became a rubber stamp assembly till the out roar of opposition and opinion moulders took over the public domain. Hence, it is pertinent to say, Kogi state house of assembly may still be existing as a two parallel institution cohabiting together. The parallel Stokes will therefore represent the pro executive law makers and the legislative minded honorables-the deserving honorables per se.

It is in the light of this dissects that Hon Rabiu Mommoh Alfa now come into discussion. The young but ebullient honorable represents the good people of Ankpa 2 constituency and he doubles as the deputy minority leader of Kogi state house of assembly. Not minding the cowardice of the majority PDP which eventually led to their loss of speaker to the minority APC, Hon Rabiu Mommoh Alfa has remained a pragmatic and insightful minority leader with an uncommon foresight and vigour poised toward qualitative law making and this has earned him the admiration of many within and outside the assembly confine.

Indeed “Hon Rabiu is a redefined and enigmatic lawmaker” as his prowess hover basically on the interest of his constituents and the larger Kogi masses against selected elites bent on diversion and self servicing with public funds. In the words of HRH Senusi Lamido Senusi, leadership is a  trust which God gives to people and if abused shall turn into humiliation on the day of judgement(God forbid) but how many leaders are aware of this?

Whether this is been taken need of not not, thank God for the likes of honorable Rabiu who have resolved to against all odds stand and protect the interest of the coin masses. If the Kogi state budget defence for year 2017 is keenly observed, the dynamics and intrigues that unveil itself on the floor of the kogi hallowed chamber is a source of great concern. Irreconcilable figures, exorbitant proposals and unnecessary budgeting in a state where the average mass hardly afford a three square meal.

By and large, with the likes of Hon Rabiu on the floor with some of his colleagues whom have a tall standing record of pro masses antecedents, hope is very much alive for a greater Kogi state and an independent state assembly. I therefore use this medium in calling on all those within the structure of leadership to make judicious use of their privileges while it lasts for in the end, daily events shall make the analysis of variance in the quest for continuity or greater endeavors.

God Bless Kogi State!

Comrade A. M. Nasir writes from Minna

You can follow me on twitter via @amnasiru

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