Opinion: GYB Screening Exercise an Answered Prayer for All Genuine Kogi Civil Servants

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No fraudulent man will be happy to see his source of fraudulent inflow discovered . He will use all what is at his disposal to fight anyone who wants to stop such inflow.

When I heard Governor Yahaya Bello (GYB) is to conduct screening I was scared moved because I assumed that he will not have the heart to withstand the pressure when these evil perpetrators starts. They will go any length, employ any means and take any measure to discredit the exercise for their personal interest at the expense of our dear state and children unborn.

I thank God for the doggedness he has placed in GYB to see this screening conducted to a reasonable satisfactory conclusion. This is a major victory recorded in our state since it was created.

Civil Servants (Genuine) are so blessed to have Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello because things will no longer be the same again.

We discovered that about half of the work force in Kogi State before this screening make use of fake certificate . This means we have more opportunity to employ graduates prevented from having a job by these set of evil civil servants in our state.

Hundreds of ghost workers did not bother to appear for screening and this simply means we have lesser Civil Servants on our payroll thus more money for civil servants.

Civil Servant should just be patient and see the surprises that awaits them; promotions for all those due to be promoted with cash backing it up, arrears will be paid, leave bonuses paid, regular monthly salary and civil service welfare scheme.

I am jealous of Genuine Civil Servants in the state because they will so enjoy Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello after this screening execrise. It is wisdom not to fetch water inside a basket. It is greater wisdom to also block all holes on our ship so that we can be on sail faster on an AUTO CRUSH MOOD !!!

– Tosin Jide writes from Lokoja.

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