Opinion: Gov. Bello Should Be Praised for Meeting The GCFR of All Lunatics in Kogi State

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I must say I was impressed with the Governor, for the kind gesture shown to the oldest lunatic in Kogi State, by gifting her a whopping sum of #250,000.

This is the first time I am commending Governor Yahaya Bellow and it’s because he has finally identify with his kind.

In every aspect of life, identifying with the highest in ranking is always a priority. With this latest developments I am sure he now has his foot strong on ground, in the lunatic world.

There has been various speculations of his state of health, physiologically speaking. The speculations are now over and well confirmed. We have jobless youths in state, we have the homeless and we have the less privileged. But he can’t seem to notice that. Why must Kogi State keep leaving in a world of lunatics? If his so loving and compassionate, what can’t he pay the old pensioners their hard earned money?

I received this news yesterday and I was filled with joy. Because finally we know what has been wrong with our dear governor. I sympathize with the good people of Kogi State for all the insults and humiliations they are currently facing, due to this latest developments. Please pray for our governor, we love him so much and we want him to get better.

  Kelvin Oluseyi Eleta

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