Opinion: Gifting Yahaya Bello 2nd Term Ticket Will End APC Reign in Kogi

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As controversial as the headline might seems to be, the greatest evil in man life is self defeat. In the past, Governor Yahaya Bello believes that he will get re-elected on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), but he is now aware that the APC ticket is miles away from him.

The leadership of the party is aware of Bello’s non-performance and other incapabilities and APC losing Kogi state come November 2019 will be a chronic political miscalculation for the party.

The question that comes to mind, is that; is Yahaya Bello actually incapable of piloting the affairs of the state? The answer to this question is very clear – YES, YES. His administration has shown incapability and incompetency garnished in the garment of mal-administration, fraud, embezzlement and anti-people policies.

A typical example of incapacity and incompetence of the administration was displayed of recent when the paid government sycophants claimed that the Governor refused to travel with President muhammadu Buhari because of the news of some impending security challenges in Omala local government area of the state. Despite the refusal to travel and the information, Fulani herdsmen attacked communities in Omala, killing and destroying properties. Tell me is that not a pointer to the fact that the security apparatus of the government is incapable and dis-oriented.

Security of lives and property is prevention of attacks on human lives and their properties not a post-attack remedy measures. The basic fact is that Kogi state has geometrically skyrocketed to the headquarters of poverty hunger, insecurity, social and infrastructural neglect, child labour, 50 % increase in the rate of child school dropout, infant mortality rate is on the increase.

In fact, if this administration is allowed to continue, then we should expect Kogi state dwelling and dwindling in the era of humanitarian crises.

While other APC states are fully prepared for the NEXT LEVEL, states like ours, Kogi, is still in need of the Change Mantra. All we need in Kogi state is change, change and nothing more than change. We have embraced non- payment of salary like never before, infrastructural decay, thuggery, poverty, hunger and death like never before. We need change in Kogi state, not next level. Yahaya Bello must go for development and dignity of humanity to be restored.

APC, my lovely party and the party of the masses, as it is well known, must endeavor, by commission or omission, its ticket is not given to Gov. Yahaya Bello in order to ensure comprehensive victory for the party come November 2019.

– Sam Enemama Akubor

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