Opinion: Discombobulation Over KSU Resumption Saga

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Speaking for the interest and psychological being of the students, the issue of resumption in kogi state university is totally out of clarity. Kogi State University (KSU) today is assumed to be in session, we believe we had resume for a month and academic activities had commenced for a week now, but there is a clear differentiation between the resumption of today and that of before.

Students, let stop deceiving ourselves and the ignorant fellow with the said pre-resumption lecture. Let device a means to bring this to a stopping point.

It obvious that the academic position of Kogi State University today has confused everyone, both students and parents.  This is due to the division in ASUU and the alleged proscription by the state government.

ASUU, if the governor withdraw his statement and pay the last man standing we shall suspend the industrial action.
Govt. I have  no regret proscribing ASUU and has no cause to withdraw my statement. Now we know our problems and a problem known is a problem solved.

In my opinion the student union should summon her students for congress, we should strive to involve NANS for solidarity fight. We should try to make our lecturers realise that they can resume class while they have the case to battle with government in court. If they win the case, the government shall pay the last man standing and withdraw his statement. On the other hand the government should realise that.

Withdrawing his statement does not tender him zero as well has nothing to change in him as it requires humility and tolerance to be a good leader. employing new lecturers will still have to take extra time and may not work out if ASUU become victorious in their case.

ASUU and Government, please withdraw your ego and do the needful for our sake as student.

It is high time we stop deceiving our self and find the way out as our future lies within our hands.

Aluta continua, victoria ascerta

– Musa Abbas wrote from Anyigba, Dekina LGA, Kogi state

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