Opinion: Being an Entrepreneur Can Shift Ground for Unemployment by Saliu Oluwatosin

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In a nation like Nigeria, our way forward is to start doing something amazingly that will virtually divert everyone thinking. Everyone out there puts several blames on the Executive arms not taking a vehemently look on the loopholes within we youths.

I will start from the root of the matter, Every parents wishes their sons, daughters to go through formal education which is a very good notion…..But, in a country like Nigeria not knowing Average persons in the nation are less privilege, To pass through formal education is a great achievement but not all of us are fortunate of such. Let’s
take a look at this at the other perspective, without Education, won’t you survive? Without working in an organization with your class Degree, won’t you make it? There is something that should be glaring to everyone out there…..Make an alternative, have a plan B if plan A refused to work out.

I said Plan B, what do I mean? It will be of great privilege for us if we can Create something no one else has ever done. Let’s take a cursory look at what’s happening currently in our Country. There are 60% of students in tertiary institutions which are yet to develop their potentials base on other things they can intend doing without formal education. These students ended up coming out with poor performance in regards to their parents Wishes.

God almighty has shared everything equally for us, some are good in this aspect while some are not But they partake in such due to they were being compelled in doing such whereas that is not their way. Take for instance, a person that has been partaking in jamb examination But unfortunately he doesn’t merit his Choice of Institution requirement…..He kept on trying harder with his hard earned funds thinking or hoping he will par adventure be given admission as he continues unknowingly his way is different from such of which he had wasted years on Education But was less fortunate.

This article is to reawaken everyone spirits that are rest assured on education line….What am trying to bring out in essence is that, for individual who’s he/she is less privilege on his initial plan. There is a say that “the best way a man can succeed is investing on something he knows best” I will urge everyone of us to do something no one has ever done.

The Economic bane in Nigeria is something a person can shift ground for via Entrepreneurship. Let’s all have the mindset of “If I don’t do it, no one else we can”and also what I’ll like emphasizing on is the fear of Taking Risk. The higher the risk you take, the higher your returns……But come to think of it, youths of nowadays are highly risk averse because of the fear of which may or may not occurred.

On the final note, my writes up is neither against formal education nor Informal education. Let’s not puts our heads into a basket, let’s all Change the current economic situation and less dependent on the Government though the role of every Government system towards the Citizens is the welfarism. Do what you know you can do best to Save
yourself and your country.

Saliu Ismail Oluwatosin
Department of Banking and Finance, Kogi State University.

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