Opinion: Assault, Bullying and Battery of Natasha Akpoti a Very Shameful Act

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I condemn strongly the attack, bullying, petty arson, vandalism and sheer wickedness that has been meted out to the governorship candidate of SDP, Barr Natasha Akpoti since the beginning of this election season. I am doing that first as a woman in solidarity and as a citizen of Kogi state and as a Nigerian who believes in fairness and also believe in the sanctity of the rights of all.

We all need to get something clear, she has rights same as all the men contesting in this election, she can vote and be voted for just like every one of us in Kogi today. I hope this is clear now ?

On Tuesday, she was bullied, assaulted and beaten to the ground. What horror! What madness!!

It is hard enough that she is a woman and she is contesting for the position of Governor which before now seems like the exclusive preserve of men in a state that has never elected a woman into any position. It is hard enough that she is beautiful very intelligent and vivacious, these powerful combination which had gained her dedicated followers were hard pills to swallow for the majority of those who have the temerity to write salacious and bawdry prose about her on the internet.

How do you wake up, plan, and execute the beating of a Woman! Is that how you beat your wives at home ? We wont be surprised to hear that is the same way you maltreat your daughters too. Animals are better than the kind of people who perpetuate violence against any person. It is shameful and callous in all shade and you cannot lay claims to any decency at all if you are one of those who justified the way she has been treated.

Politics should not be “a do or die” although we now know that for some, it is so. “Power corrupts” and now the evidence is clearly before our eyes.  One begins to wonder at the sickness and the depth of hopelessness that trails people who think nothing of beating a woman and destroying her properties.

Why don’t you try that with the men that are contesting, if those beaters had half a sense they should have faced Engr Musa Wada instead and beat him also,  but No, they are cowards and cowards look for soft targets, and they picked on Natasha.

I even saw a sick comment some where that she was beaten because she tried to enter the venue after the Governor has taken his seat. Excuse me please! Where does every one’s right starts and stop ? She has as much right as the Governor and everyone else in that hall, let that sink in first into your festering skulls. How highly do you even think of a man who would sit comfortably and watch while a woman was being beaten by thugs or even if you did not see, you heard and you did nothing. If you are a mother, would you allow your daughter to marry such a man ? What does the holy books even says again about pride,  usually it goes before a fall.

No one should trust a man,under whose  watch a woman was maltreated to this extent Certainly such a man does not deserves votes at all from any woman ever again. It is a shame that this shameful act happened with the IGP on sit and yet no arrest was made. If our minds will grasp the implication of such covert assent to thuggery, would that not be a pointer to what will happen in the coming days ?

I call on all the women in Kogi state regardless of your party affiliations to condemn the beating of Natasha Akpoti, silence will make everyone of you complicit. Women trying to break the glass ceiling should be encouraged, prayed for and protected not bullied and beaten Therefore we demand for an apology, and also that the perpetrators be arrested and jailed.

We say No to the harassment of women in Kogi state. We say No to the assault of women in Kogi state. We say No to any act that seeks to trample on or undermine the rights of women in Kogi state.

– Ojay Attah

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