Opinion: Ant Turned Elephant in Kogi State, A Case of Ogbanago

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One may wonder how possible is it for an ant to turn into an elephant, but how on earth can we describe the case of a common security man Muhammad Ibrahim Ogbanago (MIO) who turned a millionaire over night?

You will recall that my article here dated 21st February buttressed how a man called Ogbanago returned an equivalent of 3.5 million naira to the Bank(UBA) where he served as a security man on salary of #30,000 without the expectation of a kobo nor praise, in his word he said “The young people needs to understand that we have a ton to improve the heaps of this nation. The picture of this nation must be reclaimed. The world needs to realise that we are straightforward individuals. A decent name is superior to anything wealth. I trust that there are three courses to fame. One, is through political office, second is through guiltiness and third is through great deeds.

Furthermore, I pick the third which is the most decent and humble of all. I am cheerful and satisfied seeing my names everywhere throughout the web, in the papers, on TV and radios. I must say that is all a man needs to say I am wealthy” But I am happy to celebrate with my brother(Muhammad Ibrahim Ogbanago) today has his act for a decent recognition has not only given him the recognition, neither has it only passed message to the generations yet unborn but has provided him with abundant wealth has he got more than the #3.5 million naira he returned.

He was celebrated in grand style today at Eko Hotels Lagos with deputy senate president, Kebbi State governor, Tony Elumelu himself (CEO UBA) amongst others in attendance showering him with cash, awards and chartering praises on him. Qui Dieu n’a béni qu’aucun homme ne peut maud (Who God has bless, who can curse?)

The latter were not mentioned or intended to intimidate nor brag about his achievements but to pass message to the general public that they too can be like Ogbanago if making immediate profit is not their target.

I want to once more call on Muhammad Ibrahim Ogbanago (MIO) to come back home and do the needful by teaching his people his way of life that brought him to lime light this time not for the fame because you have already gotten the best of all the three fames you mentioned above, but to savage them from self centeredness. Once again congratulations!

– Comrade A.A Hussain


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