Opinion: Ambassadorial Appraisal of Hon. Victor Adewale Omofaiye

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Honorable Victor Adewale Omofaiye, the chief for the townspeople, a leader worthy of emulation at home and diaspora. A true leader who practices the 3R’s of leadership: Respect for self, respect for others and responsibility for his actions.

It is of no use juxtaposing the style of leadership with the past because it is obviously different as the Honorable has set out to be a leader with a difference. It is always never about the role but the goal, Honorable Victor Adewale Omofaiye knows the way, goes the way and shows the way making him a priceless jewel to the people of Ijumu and Kogi State.

His immense contributions to the upliftment of the lives of the masses is a whole lot to write about, this unique attribute inherent in him cannot be over emphasized. His humility, responsiveness and potentials are commendable, no wonder he was termed ‘the politician with a difference’.

He is in every way active, he has successfully and actively taken part in the decisions taken in Logo State House of Assembly by raising motions and bills on the floor of the house.

His love for the people is indescribable and as a matter of fact, With Honorable Victor Adewale Omofaiye, the people of Ijumu Constituency can be sure of well representation and recognition.

Implemented projects and interventions are countless ranging from giving of scholarship to both public and private secondary School students in Ijumu, skills acquisition programmed for students in tertiary institution and lots more which has made honorable to so many awards for outstanding and extra ordinary performance which include the Award of legislative excellence in recognition of his commitment to youth empowerment and good legislation in Kogi State House of Assembly, Award of being a distinguished legislator in recognition of his commitment to legislative representation and good governance, to mention but few.

He has been a source of encouragement and inspiration to the youth of Ijumu by making them believe in themselves and they need to represent the constituency appropriately to bring about growth and development.

Honorable Victor Adewale Omofaiye has proved himself a worthy ambassador of Ijumu at the Kogi State House of Assembly and his records of achievements are worthy of emulation by other public office holders in Ijumu. He has taken the mantle to rule as a good leader. Let’s all support for a better Ijumu, Kogi State and Nigeria as a whole.

Remember, it is not what we don’t have that keeps us down but what we have and not making proper use of.

– Odunayo Tanimola
Kogi State University
400Level Mass Communication Department.

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