Opinion: A Clarion Call to Stem Political Bitterness in Igala Land

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The peace and unity of the nation is of cogent value and such a core valuation should not be sacrificed for any selfish political reasons. Our society today has been bombarded with bitter expressions over political differences. I oblige us to shun fighting and dispute over the interest of selfish politicians. These are the same people that will promise heaven and earth but in the end will result to propaganda.
Politics is all about interest and we are entitle to express ourselves freely. The era of celebrating thugs and dispute is gone.
Generations come, generation go but the world remains. Political parties will come and go, election will come and go but you and I will remain. As human we must learn to respect our right to life and we should not deprive ourselves for any reasons. Let embrace love and unity in the society.
Igala land  is well known for oneness so let the spirit of such bind us. We should not allow external forces to break us apart, so let be our brothers keepers irrespective of party differences.
Brutality in the land should be eradicated completely because the only benefit we derive so far from it is tragedy and regrets. It is uncalled for, imagine a right thinking being to raise hands and brutalized his fellow man. We are human,  not brutes. We have emotions for each other, we are not machine men with machine minds.
Politics should not divide us but rather bind us because I see challenge in politics as a norm and the joy in it is to play it with a free mindse. Let not hate or despise, let’s embrace love, peace and unity irrespective of party, gender, religion, tribe and ethnicity because we are one nation.
-Musa Abbas

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