Open Letter To Yahaya Bello: God Brought You In Anger, He Can Take You In Wrath by Comrade Nasir

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My dear and destined governor,

Whereas, it is customary to predict who will at the end emerge in every keenly  contested election in a democratic setting, your highest tendency by me was at the APC primaries and I’m sure many Kogi citizens had the same feeling. Hence, I address you destined because you are a divinely ordained governor.

In the Christian Lords prayer, a phrase reads that “let thy will be done on earth as it is heaven” and except we we write off the power of God, your emergence is “a will on earth as it is in heaven”. However, you have thus far not been able to replicate God’s will for his children. Many circumstances  surrounded your becoming a governor and the summary of it is to say, it was just God.

Your policies and steward has remained a mirage to teeming Kogi people since your emergence and it is rather sad that a governor whose emergence is like the Lord’s doing will have such a mirage. The screening, demolished roundabouts, selected war on insecurity, reluctance to council polls, delayed salary and gratuities, unfriendly media aides and many indisputable setbacks of this government has not only caused it a total loss of sympathy but prepared for it a massive revolt in the next election should you are preparing for a second term.

Whether or not election is still far from now, if you give a good listening ear to any sympathizer of Captain Wada, he will out roll the beautiful template that caused his foundation tenure poor judgement by Kogites and alas, his post generational  intentions could not withhold the tsunami that came his way. If it be that, the captain performed credibly well in the eyes of God, then trust me-“God brought you in anger and he can take you in wrath”.

In anger to quench the thirst of those who had not want the continuity of a term characterised by the prospect of a great Kogi State and in wrath to replace with a choice the people will now give fair judgment and listening. It will be incongruent for me to say your administration has so far not done anything most especially when I have privately and publicly commended the good works of Hon Enema Paul in the ministry of rural development not to talk of the tireless effort of Hon Ojochenemi Osikoya and Hon Saka Haruna at the ministries of  environment and health respectively.

Furthermore, the remobilization of contractors back to site in some local government areas among other things which include but perhaps not limited to the rehabilitation of Lokoja road network, awarding of fresh contracts for some rural feeder roads, solar street electrification of Lokoja, war on terror etc are indeed commendable but trust me, a hungry man is an angry man and an angry man is always in search of where and what to transfer aggression at.

It was a very pathetic thing for the chief of staff to have admitted to the fact that the state is owing 12months as against the 15months opined by the NLC leader on a live broadcast monitored by channels television to mark workers day because no matter the justification given to the circumstance of those been owed 12months, it doesn’t speak well of any responsible government for a worker to be owed as much as a full year because of screening. It is a shame for a government not to be able to carry out and conclude screening exercise within a year.

So, the sons and daughters, uncle’s and aunties, nephews and nieces and even fathers’ and mothers’ of the unpaid civil servants will not see any other effort when the stomach in their front is empty as a result of unpaid salaries. A lot of  young girls have stylishly ventured into prostitution in other to make ends meet, “bet9ja” shops have turned warehouse of the average Kogi youth and many parents have lost their dignity as a result of cooperate begging to cater for themselves and their families.

Your Excellency, while criticism is a strengthening factor in governance, the opposition and generality of Kogites sees your government with an autocratic impression and this has silenced a lot of  people from speaking up most especially when the reminisce the ordeal of those that dared talking. It may be quite good and helpful in hiding excesses of the present but the dire implication is that the mind is the master of the body and such oppressed individuals who never found it worthwhile or convenient expressing their grievance will gladly do in joy and ecstacy at the cubicle of ballot at the right time.

What it means is that whether or not you have the mind of contesting on the pay day, you will as a politician always have interest and you may end up been a revolting factor if things continue the way they are. Crackdown was carried out on kidnappers hideout and the whole state clapped for you but a serving administrator was linked to a case of a assassination and you are yet to suspend him or crackdown his territory. The world is watching!!!

By and large, before you judge me as an opposition or detractor; bear in mind that a government cannot do away the two but when it outweighs the supporters….”akwei matsala”. History shall remember you based on the testimony that shall be given in account of your stewardship and the time to prepare for your assizes is now. Wake up to responsibilities, treat Kogites equally and fairly, make peace with your party men, pay workers their salaries, give fair hearing to the opposition voices, ensure reopening of schools and change the impression of Kogites about you especially as it regards civil servants welfare…until then, your chronicles will forever be in doubt.

Lastly, caution your appointees and ensure what you claim to be enforcing in civil service reflect on them. While you claim not to give any damn about screening because of previous financial rot, public servant (especially administrators) seem to put your sincerity on doubt. We know them and they are of us…the sudden acquisition of properties and materials in eye twinkle relatively to their possible take home pays are not reconcilable. A recent piece by Dr Goodman Akwu on this matter will explain better.

Whatever be the case, a stitch in time they say, saves nine.

God Bless Kogi State

God Bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Yours in Kogi Building,

– Comrade A M Nasir

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