Open Letter to Victor Alewo Adoji

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I have read with keen interest the exchange of correspondence between Haruspice and Victor Alewo Adoji in the last few days. My take is that Haruspice believes the election has come and gone, and Echocho and Adoji should embrace themselves and move on , noting that the future is full of various possibilities.

However, I am taken aback with Adoji’s response, wherein he decided to paint the whole political space in Kogi East black , and even threatening to quit politics. This is laughable, because Adoji sees himself as Mr. Clean. The Victor Adoji we know is not anything near cleanness, in terms of morality and propensity for violence.

More laughable is Adoji’s reference to the roles of His Royal Majesty, Ameh Oboni , and Hon. Stephen Achema. It is an insult on the Igala/Bassa Kingdom for Adoji to mention these names when referring to his political misadventures. These two illustrious sons of Igala/Bassa extraction worked for the unity and progress of the Kingdom . Can Victor point at any achievement of his in Kogi East ?

I strongly advice Adoji to stop all the rattlings on why he has gone to Court , as if he is in control of the judiciary. Echocho will meet you at the Court squarely. Courts deal in evidence, not propaganda.

– Confluence Rebel

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