Open Letter to Rep Member Paul Gowon Haruna IJN

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Hon Paul Gowon Haruna IJN
Member, House of Representatives, Dekina/Bassa Constituency.

Dear Sir,

This letter become necessary in view of what is going on in my constituency. Before the election I visited you in your house at Abuja we discussed at length how to win the election, the program, the way forward, what to do and so on, during the election i nearly lost my precious life , i make sure you Hon Paul Gowon Haruna Ijn should win every polling units in my ward in the tug of war. But today after winning the election i didn’t have access to you to advice you what to do for people as planned and discussed before the election.

The idea of giving 1.5m to every ward in your constituency is not a welcome ideas in this present condition of Nigeria economy, the masses are not welcoming the idea, you representing the good people of Dekina/ Bassa irrespective of political party affiliations anybody belong but given money to your party exco alone in every ward is not a welcoming idea because once the money land in the hand of party leaders everything became party decision that’s why the masses outside are still complaining that they didn’t hear from you Hon Paul Gowon Haruna Ijn as their representative in the national assembly.

Give me access to see you and call you to advice you what to do for people in this digital world of politics, we have already moved from political analog to digital politics. Not every idea given to you is welcome by you, before we gave you ticket to represent dekina/ Bassa federal constituency we knew you Hon Paul Gowon Haruna Ijn as a good person, how good you are to people. As I was following you during campaigned i knew how people’s are happy with you and very anxious to vote you to represent them. People rejoicing when you won the election, there’s jubilation everywhere in dekina/ Bassa because of you Hon Paul Gowon Haruna Ijn with all hope of good representative in the national assembly.

Your program didn’t tally with what the good people of your constituency want, that’s why you hear complaining here and there. People are calling me to apologize to the people of dekina/ Bassa because I stand with you during the election to make sure you win, what I did within my own capacity before you won the election the rest is history. On your behalf I have made passionate appeal to them to give you more time as the first timer in the house and also give me time to discuss with you if you can listen to me things will change for better without any further complain.

I am not saying you should come and give me money but I want you to represent your name we heard before we nominated you. You are a Good person which everyone knows, don’t allow selfish interest politicians to surround you and to change you from the same Ijn we knew. The day I visited you in your house at Abuja before the election did I collected money from you? Won’t I need money ? Apart from one bottle water I drank did I collected anything from you ? I transported myself came and went back and continue my work to make sure you win the election why the same me can’t have access to you ? Why the same me can’t see you ? Why the same me can’t advise you if need be ? I am still young I am not duel on politics to survive, I cannot lair to politician to deceive them to collect money, I don’t take money as my priority in politics that’s why i did not tell you to give me money the day i visited you at Abuja. The love I have for you is much, there’s still time to correct yourself and adjust yourself don’t allow bad people to change you from Hon Paul Gowon Haruna Ijn ACHENYO we knew before we nominated you to represent us.

Many people are calling me to defend you but I can’t vomit what I didn’t eat with empty stomach. If you give me room I will guide you through in this digital world, if you want people to be happy with your programs. You are trying your best but people are still complaining because Hen is sweating but feathers didn’t allow people to see it. Your program is not impacted on the people generally only few individuals are enjoying and your party exco are the beneficiary of your program of 1.5m.

The love people have for you is much.

Yours faithfully,

Momoh Idris Ospaca
Egume, Dekina LGA, Kogi State,

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