Open Letter to Kogi Governor on Traditional Staff of Office: A Case for Onu Bokpo Ata Igala of Odu Dekina

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Odu is one of the serene countryside of Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State blessed with natural endowments that can help improve the economic status of the entire state and the North Central at large, but unfortunately, most of these resources have remained untapped.

The arable farmlands in Odu can produce agricultural products on international scale.

Apart from the higher volume of hospitality of Odu inhabitants, Odu ward I and II voting strength has become a political determinant in Dekina/Biraidu constituency. Their standard political approach/participation have endure them several elective and political appointments from the local to the state and federal level.

The traditional institution in this part of the state is not only revered but sacred to the people, and it has shaped positively their responsibilities and characters. Nevertheless, Odu has been shortchanged of the political dividends and benefits in recent times. One of which is the recent grading of the traditional stools across the state.

The Onu Bokpo Ata Igala traditional stool is as old as the existence of Odu Community. As a result of oral literary evidence, the following successors of the traditional stools were analysed. Though, we could not ascertain their years of leadership from the faretall information at my disposal. 

1. Atoko, 
2. Emakoji Igba, 
3. Omabutu, 
4. Ogohi Oma Itodo Ogoh 
5. Atokolo Ejiga 
6. Idenyi 
7. Musa Adejoh 
8. His Royal Highness Chief Amana Ahiaba (2009 till date)

The traditional stool of Onu Bokpo Ata Igala of Odu is as old as the history of Igala Kingdom. The stool was first bestowed on Atoko, the grandson of Itodo Ijagwu, son of Akumabi. This was during the reign of Ata Itodo Aduga about 20 decades ago.

His Royal Highness Chief Amana Ahiaba was beaded by Ata Igala His Royal Majesty, Alh Dr. Aliyu Obaje in June 2009 as a result of the recommendation of Dekina Local Government Area Traditional Council during the time of Governor Ibrahim Idris.

Chief Amana has spent 13th years on the throne of Onu Bokpo without staff of office.

I want to use this medium to appeal to the Kogi State Government under the leadership of His Excellency. Governor Yahaya Bello, to kindly use his good office to address this continuous neglect of the age long stool by approving its grading.

We also appeal through the office of the Honourable Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs to kindly look into our prayers for kind considerations.

Our passionate request goes to Dekina Local Government Chairman and the Area Traditional Council for their cooperations over the years and to kindly and passionately take up this request to an appropriate level to rectify this long overdue upgrade of the stool.

This is my passionate appeal. 

– Sule Isa Akagwu KPALEKO 
Anyigba – Kogi State

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