Open Letter to Kogi Central Candidates and The Electorate

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Ahead of the forthcoming senatorial election in Kogi Central, all concerned persons are waiting anxiously for the challenges ahead. Today, I have decided to speak the truth in this my open letter to whom it may concern. Let me remind all of us that we have a great opportunity to change the course of history in our dear land. This is the right time for both candidates and the electorates to behave themselves before, during and after the election. They should bear in mind that the future of over four million people is hanging on their neck and the PVC in their hands.

We may recall our past experiences have brought us to where we are today as a failed community. Please bear in mind that Ebira nation is in dear need of the much-desired development, progress and good governance in the next dispensation. This writer is saddened that we wasted greater opportunities in the past and definitely at present. Now, what is my message to both Candidates and the Electorates as we approach the senatorial election that will signpost our lots as a people and the environment, we live with over the years.

There is a general consensus that our leaders in the past did not live up to our expectations, viewed against this background, the question on the lips of every Anebira is that who is capable among the three major candidates, namely Alhaji Yakubu Oseni, Barr Natasha Akpoti, and Senator Ogembe to change this sad narrative we did not bargain for. Now that the die is cast it behoves on our electorates to vote their conscience as they troop out to perform their civic responsibility come 2019.

The big question this writer wishes to ask is as follows: would the Electorates fail us again? Before they cast that votes, they should be guided with the spirit of the sincerity and the fear of God at a crucial moment starring us in the face. At this juncture, I wish to enjoin them to rise above sentiments, primordial/pecuniary considerations in their choice of the right person for the plum job.

They should remember that the whole world is watching them in both their actions and deeds at a crucial time like this. We need to ask them to please do the right thing and not be swayed by the offer of financial inducement by any candidate in the forthcoming election. As we enter the election proper, they should strive to interrogate the three major candidates before they part with their votes. If you look around Ebira Nation, it is so easy to see that past leaders have failed us woefully, it beats my imagination that some major towns in Kogi central are still finding it difficult to have access to potable water supply at this twentieth century when dividend of democracy should have been taken for granted given the humongous amount of money that our past leaders collected for constituency projects in the past sixteen years of the birth of democracy in Nigeria.

The Electorates should bear in mind that moneybags would still want to buy their conscience during the forthcoming elections if they are so stupid to vote for money as we have witnessed in the past, then all of us should get ready for bad and poor representation.

As I conclude this write-up, there is a need for the people of Kogi central to be vigilant with their eyes fully opened before some moneybags rape us again. In a nutshell, this is the kernel of my message at this crucial moment that could make or mar and define our collective existence as a people.

Long live Kogi Central,

Long live our four million citizens.

– Otori Ozigi is a retired public servant, journalist/PR consultant.

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