Open Letter to Gov Bello: Expose Corrupt Politicians

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We have all seen how in the past 16 years, some politicians have amazingly turned our economy into personal business. Nigerians have become slaves and minors before the few corrupted rogues in the society. The worst is that the oppressed still worship them to get crumbs from their tables.

Your Excellency, the era of politics and litigations are over in Kogi state. Now is the era of development. No development can take place in the face of looting and corruption. These thieves have destroyed the state and as such no propaganda or intimidation should detract your attention from probing the past politicians, contractors and even civil servants that have thrown Kogi state into a state of penury and neglect.

It is a clear fact that many Kogites are ready to beam light to areas of fraud if given adequate protections. SUBEB, TSC, PENSION etc are areas of fraud where money meant for the civil servants are diverted.

Your Excellency, the local government councils are not to be exempted if thorough probe is to be carried out. The screening exercise is expected to have been concluded, and as such, the gain of this screening should be extended to teachers of primary schools and pensioners who are paid stipends instead of harmonised pension. These set of pariotic citizens do not know what is gratuity.

Your Excellency, please try and look for money and harmonise their pay and pay a percentage of their gratuity across board. By doing this, you are putting smiles into the hearts of the old, weak and down trodden pensioners. They will pray for you and the Lord will quickly answer.

Your Excellency, probe all projects that are abandoned, check Obajana royalties. Check how internally generated funds are spent. Education in Kogi is rotten. You have a good commissioner, who was my teacher in ACSS Amuro, in the 70s. Still, the sector needs a radical approach. We have quality teachers, we have good structures but still, the private schools that have comparative disadvantages are taking over from the public schools.

Your Excellency, no commitments to supervision. Let all stakeholders have their wards in the public schools, then you will see results.

Finally, be courageous as usual to retrieve the money stolen from public fund and thrown us to poverty. He who eats alone will suffer alone.

Enough of stealing in Kogi state.

– Hon. Elesho Joseph Abiodun

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