Open Letter to Engr. Abubakar Ohere; Call Atimpsuda to Order

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I am aware that you will most likely not read this letter personally, as I am sure you have plenty of well paid staff to handle that arduous task for you. That, however, will not stop me from voicing my opinion.
I must commend Engr. Abubakar Ohere for the good works he has been doing in the ministry of local government and chieftain affairs.
Please and please, call this company called ‘Atimpsuda’ to order or order the local government administrators to pay their counterpart fund as a matter of urgency. The workers are dying in silence. They have no voice, they have no personalities to ask for their rights.
The company owe workers 4 months salaries. This is uncalled for. Most of them lost their jobs with the state government and they decided to take this cleaning job instead of embarking on other social vices such arm robbery, thuggery, prostitution, etc, yet the state-owned company can not pay. They are not getting their salary from the company in time.
Though I am not working there, but I feel their pains. I am not happy to see a nursing mother working under sun without pay and yet, the so-called Director of the company has changed vehicles twice within a month. Workers are paid N10,000 only and they are starving because of 4 months unpaid wages. This so irritating!  It is certainly legitimate for them to ask for their salary.
I personally write this notification message to your humble self as the overall head, ministry of local government and chieftain affairs. Kindly look into this ugly situation sir.
– Oziwere Atta.
President, Ebira Concerned Women.

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