Open Letter to APC National Chairman: Antics of Gov. Bello to Handpick Delegates for Gov’ship Primaries

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I am writing you this open letter as a concerned member of our great party and concerned by the happenings in our party as regards the forth coming gubernatorial primaries of our great party in Kogi state.

History they say is replete with examples and it reminds us of how similar happenings in the past have helped shaped or mar many political associations and political parties.

The APC as a political party is built on the tenets of justice and fair play, and that is why it is today recognised as the best political institution yet in our democratic journey as a nation. Any deviation from this ethically oriented or ideological posture for this great party through acts of deliberate omissions or commission’s would at last lead to a great calamity that would in it’s trail lead to the destabilization of our treasured and respected party, the APC.

Why am I writing you this open letter at this time? It is because the bird cried in the night and the baby died the next morning.

It has come to our attention the plot by the governor of Kogi state and the leader of the APC in the state, Yahaya Bello to hand pick the delegates for the forth coming guber primaries of the party in the state.

There are visible evidence on the ground that it is no longer in the realm of a rumour but the plot is there for all to see.

Mr. Chairman, it is now really annoying when it is a known fact that Yahaya Bello who was one of the greatest beneficiary of the magnanimity of due process championed by the constitution of our great party is the very one scheming to negate the tenets of due process our party is known for and therefore should be call to order.

Bello has a lot to prove in this regard because we would not allow anybody no matter how highly placed to think he can preside over the death of this party which has become a memento for our struggle for genuine democracy and developments in all its ramifications.

I therefore wish to use this open letter to appraise you of what is happening in the party clandestinely which has now become something in the public domain because even the walls have ear for you to use your good office to nip it in the bud.

This is because the Presidential elections is at hand and as party men I think we should not be engaged in anything that would bring our party to disrepute as its consequences politically would be too grave for us as a party to hear.

The Kogi people are now more politically sophisticated and they must be allow through a credible process to recruit their leaders as this is what differentiates us from the other political parties.

If Imo and Bayelsa states are opting for the direct primaries which is the most acceptable and transparent primaries why is the approach of our party in Kogi state different and shrouded in secrecy?.

Mr. Chairman, something fishy seems to be happening. The signs on the horizon seems not to be palatable.

Accept my sincere regards and faithfulness.

Yours sincerely,

– Musa Wada
Kogi state.

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