Omala Attack: Okai Raises Urgent Call for Action as Bandits Occupy Kogi Community

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…Urge Kogites to hold leaders accountable.

Austin Okai, the Peoples Democratic Party House of Representatives candidate for Dekina/Bassa Federal Constituency in the 2023 elections, has urged the Kogi state government and security forces to expedite efforts to reclaim Agojeju community in Omala local government area of the state, currently under the control of bandits.

He called on the people of the state to hold their leaders accountable for their duties, or else this country will crumble in their own hands.

Okai stated that yesterday, more than 35 people were killed by armed bandits who invaded Agojeju-Odo in Omala Local Government Area, Kogi State, and nobody knows which village is next.

“It is important to note that the killings in Omala have been ongoing for years, and the government is shying away from its responsibility to address it,” Okai said in a statement made available to journalists in Abuja on Friday night.

While expressing his concern, he said “we cannot play with people’s lives for politics or personal interests. If these killings continue, who would vote for politicians in the next election?

“Bandits have turned Ogane-Nigu in Dekina and Agojeju in Omala local government into fertile grounds for massive killings.

“What baffles me the most is the silence of the governor and those elected to represent the people of Omala.”

Further addressing the issue, the former House of Representatives candidate lamented that the people have a member of the House of Representatives who is the Deputy House Leader.

“They also have a State Assembly member who is of the same political party as the governor, meaning they have unrestricted access to authority from the National Assembly to the state. Yet, many killings are ongoing in Omala but are being swept under the carpet.

“It is very concerning that the government remains silent. Is it because this is not happening in Okene? The entire Ejule-Aloma road to Olamaboro LGA is now a haven for kidnappers. They operate day and night without restriction, as if there is no single government in Kogi State.”

While criticizing Governor Usman Ododo for his inability to address insecurity in the state, he said the governor has relocated to Abuja, leaving the state ungoverned.

“A sitting Governor should see himself as a leader despite ongoing court cases. The ability to multitask and manage the entire state arsenal makes one a good leader. Even the last administration failed in addressing this same issue.

“Usman Ododo, wake up from your slumber and act now. Governance is beyond moving from one VIP house to another and having breakfast,” Okai said.

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