Olorunhudo Taiwo Fooled You, An Open Letter to Kogi Govt Protocol Director

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Open Letter to Mr. Aiyenigbe Sunday, The Protocol Director, Kogi State Government.

“Mr. Olorunhudi Taiwo Fooled You”

Dear Sir,
I am constrained to write this letter to you before another reputable public officer of your ilk falls victim. It gives me no special pleasure to write you; worse, openly. I am left with no choice but to intervene before all the political appointees in the GYB cabinet become overnight recipients of ill-motivated and demeaning awards.
I will go straight to the issue at stake. Let’s start with the level of toxicity in the air, sustained by the recent award that was presented to you by one Mr Olorunhudo Taiwo under the auspices of National Association of Okun Students (NAOS), KSU Chapter. Mr Olorunhudo who has an incredible profile of impersonating student bodies to make ends meet is also famed for threatening the affected union leaders who may want to raise eyebrow afterwards. Albeit, there has been a little twist ever since the Graphics Newspaper reported the story; this was followed by an unexpected rain of media confrontation.
Alas, he (Mr Olorunhudo) was forced to throw in the towel in a private phone  conversation with the NAOS president today where he claimed to have received a cash sum of 10,000 naira from you for the award. How ridiculous!
Note: voice clip is attached to this missive.
Just within this year alone, Mr Olorunhudo has impersonated the office of NAKOSS national president and NAOS, ABU chapter president and consequently challenged their right to query him by way of threats.
Ab initio, many student leaders and stakeholders who dared to challenge his activities have been victims of physical assault.
Very respectfully sir, the entire Okun students are publicly spirited with a prime objective of ensuring that NAOS leaders entrusted with union resources do not abuse same and the influence accruing from their offices, for personal gain. Our expectation is to at least get public accountability and to render the issue of corruption, politically expensive for any union official, and that includes presenting awards ONLY to deserving personalities and NOT in the recipient’s office or residence.
It is against this background that I humbly present the instant complaint bordering on confirmed allegation of office impersonation and NAOS image laundering by Mr Taiwo Olorunhudo; a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University. This complaint has become very expedient in the light of the forgoing:
1. Student bodies have suddenly become a subject of ridicule owing to the regular activities of people like Mr Taiwo.
2. Okun sons and daughters can no longer bear this appalling embarrassment constantly unleashed on them by the ilks of Mr Taiwo
3. If an urgent security check is not placed on Mr Taiwo, he may decide to explore other ventures that are more detrimental to the growth Kogi State when impersonation is no longer viable.
4. If not stopped by way of arrest, he may reduce all the political appointees in this administraton to recipients of demeaning awards. This may spell doom for the govt.
Sir, the entire Okun students and infact, Kogi students have a high level of confidence in you that you have zero-level of tolerance for mischief and believe that you will not allow this daylight rape and robbery on our union to go without proper investigation and sanction. His excellency  also expects that you protect the Govt house from such events of disrepute.
I wish to indicate the preparedness of the entire Okun students to co-operate with you towards the investigation of the matter raised in this humble letter.
Thanks as we believe the one and only hope we have in you will not be lost.
Yours Faithfully,
Samuel Kabba Olorunfemi
KSU, Ayingba
CC: Director State Security

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