Okun Youth Council Raises Concern Over ODA President’s Silence on Kogi State University, Kabba

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A youth group has accused the President of the Okun Development Association (ODA), Barr. Femi Mokikan, of displaying a lack of enthusiasm and any iota of support for the newly established Kogi State University, Kabba.

Comrade Aleyomi Dare, President of the Okun Youth Council, in a statement on Sunday, said Barr. Mokikan’s failure to express gratitude to Governor Yahaya Bello for his pivotal role in bringing the university project to fruition in Okun land despite the years of agitation, expectation and toiling calls for concern.

Aleyomi said Mokikan’s continued silence is raising lots of questions.

“Why has the ODA President refrained from issuing any public statement regarding the establishment of the University of Kabba, the headquarters of the association he leads and especially from a socio-cultural organization like ODA?

“The Okun Youth Council, acting as a representative voice of concerned members, is calling for transparency. We call on Chief Mokikan to address the people’s apprehensions and take proactive steps to align his stance with the community’s sentiments.

“This press release serves as a wake-up all for Chief Mokikan to publicly convey his support and appreciation for the university project, provided he shares in the collective joy of the Okun people.

“This situation has ignited conversations throughout the region, emphasizing the significance of unified backing for transformative projects that contribute to the advancement of Okun land. The action is in a bad light and must be urgently redressed in order for him not to be seen as enemy of the region he is leading.

“The response will define Chief Mokikan’s commitment Okunland that will engender harmony and mutual understanding,” he said.

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