Okun Students Honour Moses Olorunleke as Most Outstanding LG Administrator in Kogi

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The executives and the entire member of the prestigious National Association of Okun Students (NAOS) has on Monday 27th February, 2017 awarded Hon. Moses Olorunleke as the most outstanding Administrator in Kogi State.

Hon. Moses Olorunleke received praise and gratitude from NAOS students’ union body. They deeply appreciate the Support, willingness, creativity and shown confidence on the administrator who kept on working so hard to achieve this much deserved award. Passionately following the blue print of of new direction agenda of Governor Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello has shut up every rivalry in the Local Government Area. They may wish to say anything to condemn what is happening but fact and life touching packages by the administrator has makes the difference between wailers, power mongers and great catching up to do administrator.

Human nature being what it is, most people tend to act capriciously or oppressively when they have the assurance that their conduct can never be accepted by any other person or authority.

Silence is no longer necessarily golden, we have a duty to defend the administration of Hon. Moses Olorunleke vigorously and to explain projects and development to friends and foes alike, unapologetically. We would not be tired of explaining to the entire people of Kogi State that all what administrator is trying to do is to restore for our people the lost glory, finds long lasting solution to our problems which only the administrator knows best.

In response by Hon. Moses Olorunleke to the Executives appreciate the union body for honoring him with such award, that he sees his position as an opportunity to better the well being of the people and he promise to continually support the union. He also pleaded with the union to stay more united, coming together of students’ across town and villages in Okun land has not to be against the well being of it’s great potential but gross abuse and misconduct should be properly guided against. As Okun in totality is looking up to the youth of new generation to save us from the looming tyranny masquerading in governance and public civil service.

– Mr. Oladele Samuel.
Media Aide to Kabba/Bunu Local Government Administrator.

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