Okun Devt Association Seeks Improved Funding

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Good day all Sons and Daughters of Okun Nation. On behalf of the recently sworn in Executive, I want to once again thank you for the overwhelming support you demonstrated in voting us into office. Even after the election, there has been tremendous expression of enthusiasm and willingness to work with the new team to ensure we deliver on our mandate. Many people have made written suggestions and some through telephone conversations. When put together with our own ideas as the Executive, it is obvious that we have a blueprint that will enable us make a significant difference.
The only BUT is finance.
We all know the place of finance in every viable organisation, regardless of the nature of the organisation. Without adequate funding, our enthusiasm, willingness and determination will remain just that- enthusiasm, willingness and determination. In fact, within a short time all these will turn to frustration. We do not want this to happen. That is why we are sending this message across to all of us. Our Association is cash strapped. Funding was also a major challenge for the immediate past Executive.
If we must succeed We need to be funded. In doing this we do not intend to overburden any particular individual or persons. If only we all agree to translate our support before, during and after the election into a civic responsibility for the love and sake of Okun, we should be reasonably okay.
One of the sources of funding for ODA is the provision in our Constitution for a registration fee and an annual fee to be paid by all adult Okun Sons and Daughters at home and in the diaspora. As is the practice in most organisations, payment of these is what will give you and I a STRONG and equal voice in the affairs of ODA. The two currently add up to =N=5,000.00 per annum. Yes. Per annum. Imagine If 100% of members pay this in a year. May be 100% is too ambitious. Say 50% pay up. If that happens, the funding of ODA will not be a burden on one person or a few people. This is why we are making this passionate appeal to us all. Let us perform this simple civic obligation to the place we call our own. Be assured of one thing. Every kobo so contributed will be adequately accounted for at every AGM through a joint report by both the Treasurer and the Financial Secretary.
How Do We Pay This?
Technology has removed all past encumbrances normally associated such. A simple transfer on any of the bank platforms on your handheld device will do. All the banks provide such services these days.
Where Do I Pay To?
The ODA account details for all such payment is stated below.
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 200 184 9398
Our God that promised to supply all our needs according to His riches in glory will meet each and everyone of us in every area of our needs.
Give Yourself A Strong Voice in The Affairs Of ODA By Paying Your Registration and Annual Dues of =N=5,000.00
Stand Up To Be Counted please.
Barr. Pius Femi Mokikan
National President

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