Okene II: As Sani Ogembe Records First Victory at Tribunal

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Do I need to be silent over the rumbling voice from the hidden corner of the ruling party’s candidate for the House of Assembly in Okene II constituency?

The crowd of the wise men watching a madman dancing in the street never signify the beauty of the dancing step of the madman, rather than knowing the level of his stupidity and maybe thinking about the possible remedy which will best handle the situation of the madman.

What I mean here is this; when political thuggery and zarbanism is the only means of which they thought they can use in achieving their goals in the last Okene II house of assembly election, hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe and his winning maintain an absolute calmness as that will save their lives, because we believe in the power of jurisdiction.

From the Tribunal seating held on the Saturday 15th June, 2019 at the Magistrate Court Wuse Zone II Abuja, Femi Motojesi Esq and Paul Akande Esq appeared for the Petitioners, while Muiz Abdullah Esq appeared for the 1st Respondent. The ruling was on the applications by both the petitioner and the 1st and 2nd respondents (Dahiru and APC). Their application is premised on the grounds that the Petitioners reply to the 1st and 2nd Respondents reply to the Petition, offends the provisions of the Electoral Act hence it should be struck out. However, the court in its well considered ruling disagreed with the respondents and held, they haven’t shown to it how the reply offends the Electoral Act and it is on that basis that the respondent applications were refused.

The lies they canvassed in their reply to the Petition was uncovered by the petitioner and in order to rebut those lies, the petitioner through his lawyers filed a reply and upon the respondent discovery that the lies have been uncovered they filed a motion asking the court to strike out the petitioner’s reply, which¬† the court refused the application, so as it is now, the Petitioners rebuttal to those lies are in and ready to be tabled before the court at hearing section.

Since no more pending application, the court therefore closed the pre-hearing session and adjourned the matter to 27th June for commencement of hearing. As for the time frame for cross examination, It was agreed that for the principal witnesses a 20 minutes duration will be given to them while for others it’s going be 5 minutes each.

Soon, Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe will be declared as validly elected for Okene II House of Assembly seat. I urge the ‘Team Evolution’ and the winning team of Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe to keep up in their prayers as it is very effective at this point.

– Opata Abdallah Little

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