Okene Chairmanship: Abdulrazaq Out to Destroy Our Peaceful Arrangement – Okovi Group

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Okovi Renewal Group was not surprised with the antics of the Administrator of Okene local government, Mall. Abdulrazaq Muhammad. However, we call on him to jettison his ambition to contest the forthcoming local government elections for unity, peace, justice and for show of gratitude to the Leader of the State.

What goes around, has come around again!

May 9th, 2020. would mark the fourth (4) year in office of the present Okene Local Government Administrator. We have started witnessing series of kangaroo endorsements here and there after spending a whole four (4) years in office as the Chief Security Officer.

We have not forgotten that the Constitutional stipulated tenure in office of a local government Chairman is just three (3) years.

Going down memory lane, one wouldn’t be too shocked about these scenarios and the incessant sponsorship of endorsements because Abdulrazaq had always be the individual that had consistently posed a threat to a very peaceful mutual rotational arrangement between Agada  group of clans and Okovi group of clans.

In 2003, when it was the turn of Okovi group of clans after Late Mamman Khan an Agada clan had finished his tenure as the local government chairman, this same man, Abdulrazak, decided to contest against late Senator Salihu Otaru Ohize knowing fully well that it was the turn of Okovi.

The practice normally is for all Okovi, when it is Okovi’s turn and all Agada’s when it is Agada’s turn. He (Abdulrazaq) was overwhelmingly, with absolute majority, humiliated at the poll as a signal that he was not more than the existing laid down arrangement. He is here again with his destructive attitude which he’s well known for.  

Let us ask Abdulrazaq these questions: 

1. If there’s no rotational arrangement on ground that it was Agada’s turn as at when Governor Yahaya Bello decided to appoint him for honouring his call to step down for Rt. Hon. Abdullahi Bello in a primary election that later amounted to APC not allowed to field candidate, how would he have ascended to the position when he was a supporter of Senator Ohiare as at then?

2. If he seeks another three(3) years in office, making it seven(7)  years in office, what happens to Okovi group of clans?

Let it be known that Abdulrazaq is out to destroy the already laid down peaceful rotational arrangement which he had always wanted to achieve! At this crucial period, where he (Abdulrazaq) had chosen the ways of sponsoring and buying unwarranted endorsements from and amongst the unconscious, the people-oriented government of Kogi State and the good people of Okene Local Government should be adequately equipped with the above unarguable facts and place Abdulrazaq appropriately as it is Okovi’s turn to man Okene Local Government now.

It might interest Abdulrazaq to know that His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello is from the said Local Government Area (Okene) and he is more and well informed with the historical/chronological arrangement and sharing of the administrative head among the various group of Clans in Okene LGA which in his usual resolute nature/benevolent manner will never and ever allow any Clan or group of clans to marginalise the other because he is a man of immense wisdom and sense of judgement.

Hence, we call on the Okene Administrator to challenge all these facts if he is really an agent of peace, unity and justice in Okene Local Government.

Abdulrazaq, your tenure has expired in Okene LGA office and no amount of caricature endorsements will elongate it further, by the special grace of God.


Muhammed Yunus
Director General Publicity,
Okovi Revival Group

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