Okemeta Ruling Groups Decline Participation in 2024 Kabba Owe Oro-Oka Festival

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Despite the intervention of the Caretaker Chairman, the age-old Kabba -Owe Oka festival may still not go the way it used to be this year as all efforts to harmonize all interests spiritually for the overall success of the festival celebration proved abortive.

A message signed by the chief priests and made available to our news desk confirmed that the Okemeta which comprises the entire three ruling groups in Kabba has declined their participation, stressing that they cannot go ahead with the Oka festival due to some circumstances beyond their control.

They acknowledged the intervention of the Caretaker Chairman, Barrister Dare Zachecus but could not help as all consultations with the gods have no positive response hence they cannot go ahead as it is a taboo not to go the direction of Owe deity on Oka festival.

They assured Kabba – Owe people as the Custodians of the revered and sacred Festival of the land, they will not compromise on the already established process and procedures of their forefathers in the celebration of the highly revered festival, stressing that the appropriate time for the celebration this year will be communicated accordingly, urging all security agencies in Kabba to take note.

Reacting to the development, the Obajemu of Oweland, Okemeta elders and chiefs agreed with the Chief Priests who are the custodians of the festival, pointed out that the festival is beyond the physical, as it requires spiritual assistance to ascertain the time to celebrate it.

They noted that the time is not ripe for the celebration of the festival considering the prevailing circumstances occasioned by nature.

“The Okemeta of Oweland express their strong objection to the unilateral decision to fix a date for our cultural festival during a security meeting they had with the Caretaker Chairman of Kabba/Bunu LGA without the requisite spiritual consultation. The chairman’s actions not only flout the traditions but also disregard the sacred significance of the festival.

“The festival’s date has always been determined through careful spiritual guidance, ensuring harmony with the ancestors and the divine. His intervention neglects these vital aspects, jeopardizing the very essence of the celebration.

“We urge those responsible in misleading the community to: Engage in meaningful consultation with stakeholders to ensure an auspicious date. Respect the cultural heritage entrusted to the community. These are crucial to maintaining the integrity and spiritual significance of the festival.

“It will be recalled that the Obaro of Kabba, Oba Solomon Owoniyi was alleged to have announced that the Oka festival will commence tomorrow through to Thursday this week without due consultations with relevant stakeholders, reasons Okemate kicked against it saying it is not time.”

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