Ojuoloruntaiye Commends Gov Ododo for Appointing Tourism Veteran as GM Kogi Hotels and Tourism Board

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Comrade Francis Ojuoloruntaiye has applauded the appointment of Hajia Bilikisu Abdulsalam as General Manager, Kogi State Hotels and Tourism Board.

In a statement on Saturday, commended Gov. Usman Ododo for considering Hajia Bilikisu for the enviable appointment.

Ojuoloruntaiye, popularly known as FREEZICO, said the appointment of Hajia Bilikisu showed Gov. Ododo is considering a round peg in a round hole.

The former National President, Kabba Students’ Union (KSU) further said with Hajia Bilikisu at the top job of Kogi Hotel and Tourism Industry, the sector will not be business as usual, considering her wealth of experience and exposure in tourism, it is going to bring about a paradigm shift from the old order.

He further surmised that Hajia Bilikisu’s appointment will culminate into socio-economic development and revenue generation for the State and the industry.

This is so, because she knows the nitty gritty of the tourism sector in the State.

The well respected Investigator also asserted that the GM as a leader is affable, intelligent and sangfroid in her dispositions. She is also generous, humble and shrewd to her subordinates.

He finally thanked Gov. Ododo for making the right and best choice, that her appointment is a clear indication of Kogi State government’s deliberate decision to re-positioning the State as an old tourism hub in Nigeria. And that if Governor continues in his people – centred style of governing the state, in no distant time, the promised land we all craved for in terms of infrastructural development, human capital synergy, security etc wouldn’t be far fetched.

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