Amid Tears, Natasha, Family Laid Remains of Slain SDP Supporter to Rest

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… pledges N1m for information on murderers.

Kogi Central SDP senatorial candidate, Natasha Akpoti on Sunday joined members of Late Enesi Ojo’s family to lay the remains of the deceased to rest, promising to compensate anyone that has the information about the whereabouts of the murderer of Enesi with one million Naira.

Speaking at the burial in Ihima, Akpoti said the death of Enesi came as a rude shuck, adding that she never imagined she will lose any of her supporters in political violence.

Akpoti described the deceased as core supporter of the liberation mandate for Kogi Central.

She said Enesi’s crime was supporting the cause of liberating the people of Kogi Central from the manacles of misrepresentation.

She further disclosed her plans to immortalize the deceased by introducing amnesty programme in his name.

Adding that the youths need proper rehabilitation and their guns traded for good jobs.

“We should all remember that we are all human beings before politics, if we kill ourselves who are we going to govern?  The death of Enesi is a reminder of violence in our land that many home have tasted. Election is not war, let this be the last death in this land,” she said.

She noted that before politics they are all brothers and sisters.

Advising the youths, Akpoti said those that have collected guns to kill for politicians should return it and demand for a better source of livelihood, adding that they are better than the money and the weapons given to them to be an instrument of destruction.

Appealing her supporters not to take law into their hands, Akpoti said, “we are on for victory and we must liberate our people. I understand that many of you have not slept in your house for days, I apologise and know that my hear is always with you.

“Continue to give peace for those who bring war, let us continue to lend the hand of peace, during and after the election.”

Speaking on behalf of the family, the founder of Alpha and Omega church, Oboroke-Ihima, Pastor Musa Enedou said, the killers of Enesi Ojo has murdered sleep from the innocent young man, adding that God who sees everything will avenge Enesi’s death.

“He who murders sleep will surely not sleep, it may not be now but certainly God will avenge his death.

“Death is inevitable for every human beings, the pains of the family and others are the manner through which life was taken out of him, but I pray God to restore eternal peace to the land”, he said.

Similarly, the representative of Obobanyi Ohionwa, Chief Inda Suleiman said, Natasha has shown that every soul counts by giving Enesi a befitting burial.

He said, “if you give one billion naira to Ohionwa clan because of this, we wouldn’t have valued it like this noble step you have taken, you have demonstrated your love for humanity.

“You are not here because of your clan, you are here because you know the value of human life. You have shown that you are a true daughter of late Dr. Jimoh Akpoti, for this, know that our supports and prayers are always with you”, he said.

Natasha implored the general public that whoever has information on the whereabouts of the murderer of Enesi will be compensated with one million naira.

Natasha joins family members and SDP supporters as remains of slain Ojo Enesi is laid to rest

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