Oil Producing State Status: IPYF Hails Living, Fallen Heroes of Agitation in Ibaji

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Congratulations to ibaji sons and daughters all over the world.

Ibaji Progressive Youth Foundation (IPYF) used this medium to call on the local and state governments, including corporate and non-governmental organisations within Kogi state who already planned to be beneficiaries to the same oil to support the families of the fallen heroes, who fought and died for the corporate existence of the same oil wells.

Ibaji Progressive Youth Foundation observed that the labour of our heroes must not be in vain, if we should remain resolute in defending our dear land.

The families of our heroes who died in the course of defending the oil well which entire Kogi state and Nigeria at large  benefits today should be empower as best way to honour their bravery and patriotism.

Apart from supporting the families, Ibaji Progressive Youth Foundation wish to draw the attention of the Ibaji leaders, most especially the current administration, not to play politics with the opportunities that God offer to the Ibaji people in a platter of gold.

We will not allow anyone to sabotage this opportunity that will attract development to our land through this oil well.

We also call on creative mindset Ibaji people to be vigilant in support to this course because we will never allow other neighborhood communities to laugh at us anymore just because we have unwise and selfish leaders.

Once again congratulations.

Ojodomo Unekwu
IPYF National PRO1

Comrade Apeh Kelvin Abuchi
National President 

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