October 1 Declaration: Rebuilding Kogi State, Nigeria is a Collective Task – TPAP Movement

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The story of Nigeria since independence in 1960 has been that of a recurrent failure notwithstanding its huge human and material resources it is endowed with. Nigeria has not been lucky to convert these resources to make the average citizens live a comfortable, decent and productive live.

Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, India and Brazil and few others on the African continent who were at the same level of socio-economic development with Nigeria in 1960, have all moved to the first and second world respectively, leaving Nigeria within a third world status.

Even those countries that were far behind Nigeria at Independence have left us behind. Malaysia, which was reported to have taken Palm Oil Seedlings from Nigeria has become a global success out of oil palm business. Today, Malaysia is the major source of import for Nigeria’s palm oil needs.

Nigeria is currently bedeviled by cases of unemployment arising from socio-economic backwardness. This is in spite of our huge resource endowment, leading to Nigeria being declared as “the poverty capital” of the world.

The ruling class has failed our dear nation, for instead of harnessing the resources to develop the country, the leaders have been busy looting the economy through privatization to the detriment of the working class and other toiling masses.

Neither the military nor the civilian leaders since Independence had been able to make Nigeria great due mainly to their greed, thereby making Nigeria the butt of jokes among the committee of nations. Black man everywhere is held in scorn because, Nigeria has the greatest concentration of black people on earth. It is the success of Nigeria that would have made other races to respect the black race.

Right now, Nigeria is in the throw of an existential security challenge to which our leaders from all divide had not found a coherent response. This catastrophe has dragged on for over fifteen years and taking its tolls on the lives of the poor masses. Nigerian Federation is tottering as many a aggrieved groups, out of frustration are threatening the foundation of the country, yet those who are supposed to act promptly are showing little or no concern as the country burns.

Situations have remained this long because, there is no effective opposition on ground to provide a viable alternative.

What we call opposition parties in Nigeria are a group of politicians working in different camps who shamelessly crossing from parties to parties without compulsion.

To change the above situation, there is urgent need for a strong opposition party that is effective in the sense that has its base on the masses of Nigerians, that is committed to the transformation of this nation along progressive and democratic lines.

The question therefore is what is to be done to address the welter of problems confronting Nigeria, there must emerge a peoples’ party, based on socialist Ideology to salvage the country.

If you are a Nigerian or a resident of Nigeria and is tired of the present misrule;

If you are alarmed by the current grievous scale of poverty, joblessness, insecurity and hopelessness of our national existence;

If you are tired of the perennial greed and induced incompetence of the Nigeria’s Ruling Class;

If you are made to constantly feel ashamed to be a Nigeria wherever you reside and resent the feeling;

If you believe, as most of us do, that a New Nigeria is possible;

If you are concerned enough and want to play a role in making A New Nigeria Possible, then you must join the Peoples Alternative Political Movement (TPAP-M) a Coalition of Political Forces committed to the emergence of A Mass Workers Party and the Socialist Transformation of Nigeria.

We are at the verge of a New Beginning in Kogi State and Nigeria.

A new Kogi State and Nigeria where probity, transparency and accountability is made a part of our political culture.

A New Nigeria where development will be people focused and our welfares guaranteed.

A New Nigeria where the State will play her statutory roles, unlike the present situation that Governments have abandoned their roles to the private sector.

A New Nigeria that guarantees all with social justice, equitable distribution of wealth, social inclusion, and equitable access to opportunities.

The New Party; what ever it is called should comprise of all, who believe that Nigeria has grossly under performed, has abandoned the working poor and are committed to the realization of The New Nigeria.

These people may come in different organisational forms, as political parties, trade unions, faith base groups, professional and trade associations, artisans, labourers, NGOs or towns association and even as individuals, the minimum condition is to be dissatisfied with the present state of the nation and are ready to join hands with other progressive minded Nigerians to change Nigeria for the betterment of the generation yet unborn.

A new Nigeria is possible!!!

Comrade Opaluwa Eleojo Simeon
Chairman, TPAP-M, Kogi State Chapter.

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