Nuhu Solomon Anyegwu Celebrates 50th Birthday on Low Key

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By Inah Stephen, Idah.

Provost College of Health Sciences and Technology Idah Kogi State, Dr Nuhu Solomon Anyegwu celebrated his fiftieth birthday on a low key.

The golden age celebration of the environmental health expert was graced by the Special Adviser to the Kogi State Governor on Education, Science and Technology, Dr. Ottah Alhassan Gabriel, Engr Rotimi Meseko of NTA, the Chairman Nigeria Society of Engineers, Idah Chapter and other well wishers.

The celebration, on Monday, was limited to immediate family members and few friends and associates. This is predicated on the unsettling moment of COVID-19 pandemic. As a professional on environmental health, Anyegwu cannot risk the health of the people for a birthday party. It does not corresponds to the life and style of a person who values public health, high level of hygiene and observance of social distancing  which could be defaulted in a large gathering. 

In fact, to kick start the low key celebration, Anyegwu  personally applied hand sanitizers to few persons present. This is to avoid the mistake or absurdity of Corona Virus creeping in unknowingly.  It also sends a strong signal to the world that high level of hygiene must be maintained in any big or small occasion. 

The presence of Dr. Ottah Gabriel Alhassan, who anchored the landmark birthday, made the occasion colourful with his usual cozy and COVIDComedy embellished with humour and fun fare. Both Ottah and Meseko expressed their joy and prayed earnestly for good health and long life for the celebrant. 

In his brief Bible exultation, Pastor Noah G. Akubagu admonished the celebrant and well wishers to allow the design of God to happen in their lives.

Taking cues from Psalm 127: 1, Pastor Akubagu said, “unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Apart from active dependence upon the Lord, apart from trust in the Lord, our lives are pointless, restless, and fruitless. What a relief to know there is a divine design. This knowledge is the secret to live a life on purpose without, direction and enjoy everyday living.” 

Anyegwu  flanked on both side by his daughter and wife cut the 50th birthday cake. Anyegwu in his brief statement to mark his 50th golden jubilee birthday had encouraged everyone present, particular the few youth inside and “out there” to be focused in life and vision. Life is not a bed of roses. The youth should be determined to see the light at the end of distractions in life. Trials  and travails will not stop  poking us, in an efforts to attain our set goals .We must not entertain negative or evil thoughts, but be focused on the positive aspect of our divine design. “ I am 50 years old but I don’t feel old. Once a tiny embryo, imagine what I am now, despite challenges from the time my mother puts me to bed as a new born. I am determined to put God first in the economy of my life and leadership position,” he said.

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