Nov 11 Gov’ship Poll: Open Letter to Kogi West Electorate

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It is with great pleasure I address you as potential voters in the forthcoming November 11th Governorship election.

May Kogi State be the greater beneficiary on the long run!

As Kogites, we are aware that there have been absence of governance in Kogi State since Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello assumes office in 2015.

Going back memory lane, the Audu/ Faleke ticket was coasting home to electoral triumph when suddenly the unexpected demise of Audu occurred.

Naturally, his running mate ought to have been sworn in since they’re running on a joint ticket. But alas, GYB, we were lectured by our highly learned lords that he can inherit Audus votes as the 2nd runners – up in the APC party primary!

This is another version of Nigerian’s political jurisprudence!

As fate would have it, GYB becomes the Executive Governor. After his first tenure, he promised to hand over power to Kogi West extraction since it is the only Senatorial District that is yet to taste power in the State.

In the next few months, Yahaya Bello’s eight years in office will terminate. But today, he has reneged on his earlier promise. As it stands right now, he is singing a new song!

The music is – Kogi West should support his Cousin brother from the same ward to become the next Governor for another 8 years! It will then become 16 years for Kogi Central while Kogi West would continue to wait endlessly and hopelessly.

Where did we get it so wrong in spite of our political clout, educational background and administrative acumen both in public & private sectors?

To add salt to an injury, it is on record that the candidate of the APC is the master strategist, ochestrator and perfector of the percentage salary payments and other demeaning welfarism of workers in the State.

Does it make any logic to vote for such character with inhumane mentality? Your guess is as good as mine!

My dear brothers and sisters, it is right about time for Kogi West to take their destiny in their own hands. We have waited for 32 years to produce a governor but it is still elusive.

In terms of expertise, exposure, intellectual sagacity, patriotism and administrative capacity, Kogi West extraction are intimidatingly equal or shoulder above their peers in Kogi State. Please, permit me to be modest to some extent.

Succinctly stated, the GYB era should be better imagined than experienced as a Kogite. From unending screening to avoidable deaths, percentage salary payments, absence of infrastructural development, no human capacity development, unprecedented hunger and deprivation, zero tolerance for opposition parties, lack of respect for our traditional institutions and culture, repressive governance, unthinkable policy somersault. The lists are endless.

For the 2nd time, GYB has reneged on his promise to handover to us as if we are political misfits or mediocre. No wahala!

As a consequence of the victory of Distinguished Senator Natasha Akpoti- Uduaghan’s at the appellate court, she has just reminded us in Kogi West that we have the numbers over and above Kogi Central where she hails from.

She has also reminded us that she is standing by his party, (PDP) and candidate, Dino Melaye in the next election.

She also reminded us that for fairness, equity and justice to reign supreme in Kogi State, it is high time for Kogi State to produce a governor from the West.

She was also direct by saying Dino Melaye has the capacity, experience and exposure to become the next executive Governor of the State.

Do we still have any doubting Thomases as to whether Ebiras and Igalas will vote for Dino?

In Kogi State, Nigeria and beyond our shores, Senator Dino Melaye is an household name that needs no introduction.

My dear Kogi West electorates, this is our moment. We must seize this opportunity with open hands. We should not allow it to slip by (God forbid).

On November 11th 2023, I implore us not to waste our votes on candidates who doesn’t have the means, spread and acceptability in all the nooks and crannies of the State.

We must all stand firm, mobilize and canvass support for Dino Melaye who has the capacity to defeat GYB’s third term agenda.

If Senator Natasha Akpoti – Uduaghan (an Ebira woman of substance) could be magnanimous in reminding us that it is the time for Okun extraction to become Governor, why should we vote for other tribes who have governed us for an uninterrupted 32 years!

Your vote for Dino Melaye represents Justice!

Your vote for Dino Melaye stands for equity!!

Your vote for Dino Melaye is an annexation to ‘equation balance’!!!

– Bisi Abraham writes from Ejiba, Yagba West LGA.

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