Nigerian Army Inaugurates Metal Sculpture of 12 Brigade Mascot

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By Stephen Adeleye.

The Nigerian Army has inaugurated the newly crafted Metal Sculpture of the 12 Brigade Mascot at the Headquarters of the 12 Brigade, Nigerian Army, Chari Maigumeri Cantonment Lokoja.

Speaking at the commissioning on the parade ground in Lokoja, Brig. Gen. Isang Akpaumontia, the outgoing Commander of the brigade, mentioned that the Chari Maigumeri Cantonment was one of the latest Army cantonments in Nigeria.

He emphasized that the need to turn the barracks into a more beautiful place inspired the creation of a mascot representing a fearless, powerful, and intimidating Tiger.

“The idea for the mascot came from a young corps member who proposed her concept, and with the help of my Engineer officers, the project has been completed for commissioning to the glory of God,” Akpaumontia said.

The commander expressed his gratitude to everyone involved for their support in making the project a reality within a short period.

Brig. Gen. Akpaumontia specifically thanked the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) for granting him the opportunity to serve as the commander of the 12 Brigade.

“Our efforts here reflect our loyalty to the COAS and our belief in his dreams and visions because the Army symbolizes Nigeria’s unity. We all come from diverse backgrounds but are united in serving our country,” he stated.

The commander encouraged people to believe in themselves and pursue their aspirations, stating that they can rise from humble beginnings to success.

As the last function he would perform in the Brigade, the commander urged the officers and soldiers to continue giving their best, describing the Nigerian Army as a noble profession.

Akpaumontia assured the officers and soldiers that the incoming commander would achieve even greater things and urged them to offer their full support.

Commodore Jerry Omodara rtd, the State Security Adviser, spoke on behalf of Gov. Yahaya Bello, commending the outgoing commander for the successful execution of the landmark project.

Omodara praised the corps member, Miss Oluwabunmi Ayinde, for using her professional skills and well-researched ideas to carry out the project, noting the governor’s intention to award her and shake her hand in appreciation.

The project Supervisor, Maj DT Awolaru, emphasized that the project, conceptualized and sponsored by Brig. – Gen. Akpaumontia, was brilliant and timely.

The corps member, Miss Oluwabunmi Ayinde, who crafted the Mascot, expressed her gratitude to the commander for giving her the rare opportunity to work on the 12 Brigade Mascot, her area of expertise.

The Mascot was crafted using abandoned and discarded car engines, motorcycles, and tricycles’ parts, and Ayinde, also known as ‘the Tiger lady,’ described the process as a worthwhile adventure.

The incoming Commander of the 12 Brigade, Nigerian Army, Brig. – General Dansuki, as well as the NYSC State Coordinator, Pastor Mrs Mofoluwasho Williams, were present at the event.

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