Nigeria Police: Traitors of Democracy, Defenders of Anarchy – Bello Festus

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A Self Acclaimed Ambassador For Positive Change, An Undergraduate Political Science Student, University Of Abuja and an Articulate Anebira- Kogite,  Amb. Bello Festus, portrays in his writing that the siege act of Nigeria Police in National Assembly postulate an intense comatose to the existence of our Democracy.

The crude display of the Nigeria Police in the National Assembly, their protection of the minority member of Ekiti House Of Assembly
over the Majority and the raiding of the Lagos base APC centre are clear factors that Nigeria Police are defenders of Anarchy and
traitors of Democracy.

The high rate of Crime, Injustice, Indisciplinary act, Abuse of Life and Properties and many other assaults on our democracy has really sum up to challenge the existence of our Police Force. Nigerians have begin to question the fundamental democratic primary function of Police as a non partisan agent which guarantee the Protection of Life’s and Properties.

The theoretical designed framework embodiment of Police Force as a branch of government pragmatically and systematically is to protect a nations sovereignty in nexus to a democratic rule. A Nation  national security is an issue pertaining to the Sovereignty of such nation, whether internally or externally motivated. Therefore, threats to the national security of a Nation can be deemed as a threats to its sovereignty and indeed its survival.

Isn’t it hilarious, Nigeria Police do claim to be “Friends of Commoners” contemporaneously such claim is a pseudohallucination.
Police are democratically design to protect the weak, that is the vulnerable ones. Its so unfortunate that reverse is the case in our
country Nigeria.

Our country today , Police Force have become an acquisition of the strong, the ruling party, the affluent beings, to sophisticate and
harass the existence of the weak, the non-ruling, political opponents especially from the oppositions at their own discretion.

Considering the spate of national security issues that have beset Nigeria and threaten to make the country ungovernable, it comes as no surprise that there have been calls from different strata’s across the federation for a revamping of the security sector. I hereby suggest that security sector reform have to manifest so as to increase effective intelligence and management in our security sector.

God Bless Nigeria, God Bless Our Nation.

Article By Amb. Bello Festus, A Self-Acclaimed Ambassador For Positive Change.

Twitter- @AmbBFG026.                        Tel- 07036920040

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0 thoughts on “Nigeria Police: Traitors of Democracy, Defenders of Anarchy – Bello Festus

  1. Nathaniel Godswill Amodu

    What Else should do we expect from one not voted in by any one in the state but came to power through unpopular route. He is not answering to the the citizens. Hardship, kidnaping, mass retrenchment is what this change seems to be giving. We need prayer to get the type of change we really need.


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