Nigeria is a Cemetery

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Nigeria is a cemetery how can a cemetery be developed, Nigeria is the giant of African how true is it? Nigerians are the most talented set of people in the world all over world you must see a successful Nigerian man, Nigerians are blessed in knowledge and in many mineral resources then how the so-called giant of Africa become a dustbin, unfortunately my dear country Nigeria become a field of wasted talented men and women Nigeria is a cemetery is a question and a thought that has kept the whole world up standing and raising eyebrow, comparing Nigeria to a cemetery as caused great amusement, the issue of Nigeria is what I called falling from grace to grass.

What happened? are Nigeria’s Bewitched, are Nigerians under a curse or a spare how can a oncegaint of Africa become the Shadow of herself, at first what is Cemetery a cemetery is a lay in a layman language is a place where the dead are buried a graveyard or a memorial Park, good definition and if I may say not only dead bodies are buried in cemetery come close and hear what I have to say when you buried someone you do not Bury only the lifeless body so on this note cemetery is where dead bodies are buried including their unfinished plan, great dreams, potential, Talent, Richie Knowledge Wisdom and their beauty. I classify Nigeria as a cemetery because anyhow you are talented and there is no platform for you to Showcase your talent you are equal to a Dead man, if you have mineral resources in abundance and you cannot utilise them to help the condition ofof the masses in development and in eradicating poverty that is  no different from such country and a graveyard, no matter how you buried dead body in the cemetery with gold, silver, jewelries, golden casket, blinks all type of diamond rings on them the dead body cannot use them so those resources and minerals are all waste.

I am going to talk about four different characteristic that shows that Nigeria is a cemetery,

1. Religion

2. Politics

3. Corruption


Nigerian sees everything from religious aspect if you talk about economic an average Nigerian man or woman well see the issue of economic from a religious aspect, talking about security Nigerians will be expecting God to come and do the job of the police, Navy, army and civil defence. Believe me or not there are things only God can do and they are things only human can do, God give us brain to think because there’s some decision we should take as human( power of self will). In Nigeria Christiandom and Islam we disconnect money from values, we do not want to produce anything we do not want to sell anything and gratefully because we are Christians or Muslims we know how to pray and God said ask and you shall receive then we ask for thousands of naira, our pastors and He-Man will tell us we should sow a seed it is just not practical I am not saying giving is badooo, giving is powerful, it is eternal. but to promise someone who has no skill, who has no product, no service that he or she will become a millionaire just because someone Laidhand on his or her head people are going to get frustrated and angry somewhere along the line, they is a fundamental mistake we can no longer continue to be selling our future and the future of the unborn Nigeria on the basis of whatever support we get from the Britain and the foreign bodies are giving usit will not work our responsibility is to create and craft out a part which is about how we can build and develop our nation by herself, it is not right for country like Nigeria 67 years after independence to still have health, Education, security and food budget being financed by the generosity and charity of the Europeans tax master by now we should be able to meet our basic needs Nigeria should be a country of peace and country where we can stand on our own feet.

Nigeria is a cemetery we cannot do anything without borrowing money from foreign countriesmean while we have all the resources it takes for us to be greater than the country helping us, Nigeria has the youngest population when it comes to man power vibrant and knowledgeable men all the young men are now (japa) leaving the country through the Mediterranean Sea passing through the Sahara Desert looking for a greener pasture. Nigerians we need to work on our psychology the way we think we have to get rid of this mind set of low self-esteem and venture mentality, slavery way of life our  responsibility as a leader and citizen is how we can grow our economy, we most be disciplined and be responsible we must embrace accountability honesty, so Nigeria is a cemetery how can a cemetery develop.

Political (leadership method of Nigeria). Our typical so-called Nigerian leaders I do not use the world leaders when I am talking about Nigerian politicians because they’re insult to the word leader, their agenda is thinking from one election to another no big tits no big idea Nigeria leaders are a big disappointment to Nigerians there are only professionals in looting money they have nothing to offer to the citizen in the field of politics and leadership Nigeria leaders are dead bodies in the cemetery there is an adage which says travel is part of education but in Nigeria leaders reverse is the case, Chinese have taking over Nigeria, Chineseare now demigod in Nigeria. Nigeria’s are not creating anything and we have everything that can make us great, in international meeting Nigeria leaders are dead weight because they have no idea of what is happening in science and technology Agricultural, ICTand artificial intelligence. All Nigeria leaders travel in business class those are not  leaders those are thieves when you have thieves controlling your affair you can not go far leadership is all about honesty, transparency and trustworthiness from the last election conducted by Mahmood I lost faith and hope in Nigeria.

You cannot become a leader until you are trusted leadership is about courage and courage does not mean recklessness it’s about doing the right thing in a right manner that is modesty we are not courageous in Nigeria because we are not speaking the truth without fear of the consequences, we see public officials like demigod we do not tell them the truth, leadership is about building a team one of this thing that annoying me most is God will help us how and when shall we continue to wait on God why God is waiting on Nigerians to take actions, Nigerians we do not take responsibility for anything we’ll look for who to blame for our failure. A good leader create a team of champion, a honest man train honest followers, so a leader that is a thief trainthithiev as followers Nigeria is a cemetery so how can a cemetery be developed.


Nigerians are poor because our leaders are chosen that part of poverty, one of the reason why corruption strived in Nigeria is because Nigeriansarein the businessof training thieves and celebrating the wrong people why we kill the morals of good conduct we must know that Nigeria are in the business of furnishing and breedsmall thief and fixing the big thieves in the public office, if we must ask why Nigeria is not successful in practicing democracy and in the Fight of corruption the unsuccessful fight against corruption in Nigeria, Nigeria are forest of judiciary who have created an environment which allow corruption and stealing to blossom and flourish, we have created an environment in Nigeria which ensure that our leaders abuse power and authority.

For Nigeria to win the fight against corruption, our leaders must do and mean what they say in the fight against corruption. Nigeria have a dead constitution no respect for rule of law I am sorry with all sense ofdue respect Nigeria has no leadership in my opinion as a voter and I feel I wasted my vote  for the last election. Nigerians are going through tremendous pain and it’s a shame that the political class that supposed to be representation of the people, looking out for the interest of the people it is a shame that the  the political class are now responsible for the defrauding of the people.

It is also a shame that the media mainstream Media as seems to be hijacked, instead of engaging in investigative journalism for the general interests of the people, defending our democracy, defending the rule of law, defending the principle of Separation of power the principle of check and balance rather  our mainstream Media defending this, they are doing the opposite because of poor salary an brown envelope, Nigerians we most wake up to learn how to do the right thing at the right.

– Daniel Johnson Ekele
Student of Mass Communication,
Prince Abubakar Audu University, Anyigba, Kogi State.

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