My Kabba/Bunu People, Why The Noise? Eni Jesu Gbayeko Ejeunse!

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Why is everywhere cloudy? There is smoke billowing in the sky. Thick black smoke. Confused people are bombing HON. MOSES OLORUNLEKE with falsehood, sentiment, jealousy, envy and hatred. Those like men who can’t lay their hands on explosives lies are bombing people because of sentiment.

Those who have not being benefitting from him or his office are threatening fire because they taught is business as usual (bring let us share)Complaining here and there, making their usual noise on Facebook, writing open letters that will never get response. 

All of you are on your own and Moses Olorunleke is on his own. Only the poor die in cross fire, intimidation, complain and sentiment.

Moses Olorunleke is one of the people in life that God himself destined. playing around him with lies, sentiment and hatred is facing God Almighty in battle. We all know him and his background but God is at work in his life.

If it were to be with riches, popularity, education etc. I don’t think he will get there, not even evil conspiracy therefore could stop him. You cannot be a normal person and hate him. Your opinion doesn’t worth God’s plans for him.

Thank God EFCC is fighting corruption and not promoting hate, may be when we set up Hate Commission later you can set him up.

The Moses I know without sentiment is a courageous, indefatigable, undeterred, amiable, truthful, loyal, respectful, incorruptible (haters can jump into the lagoon or river Niger ), reliable, dependable and strong. 

Moses Olorunleke the Lion that sent Kabba/Bunu Hippopotami leaders on a compulsory errand. So keep your pace….Edake je!

Moses, May you live so long in health and wealth to see the end of all those who wish you evil. Enjoy your destiny!

– Barinkin Olukayode 

Lagos Nigeria 

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