My Folorunsho Olafemi Story

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Election is to democracy what Oxygen is to man. Without Oxygen, man is dead; and without election, democracy cannot thrive. So, it is safe to say that election is the lifeblood of democracy. It is the only way for the citizenry to renew and exercise their rights in the governance of their nation and get the most benefit out of democracy. The democratic right of Nigerians to elect their leaders every four years is therefore of paramount importance.

Elections are not won or lost on the day of election. Elections are won and lost, the moment you decide to be a politician, not just even when you are elected. People will judge you by virtue of your activities and what you have been able to bring to the table over the years. People judge from character, your presentation and what they think of you. For this 2023 elections, I belief Engr Folorunsho Olafemi has quite put something on the table such that every progressive mind will want to look at twice because the wind that is blowing everywhere is the fact that people are looking at individual no longer political party.

Over the years, Engr Folorunsho Olafemi popularly known as Foley, has become a household name among the students who symbiotically constitute the youth populace.

My first contact with this vibrant, useful, resourceful and humility personified cyber security engineer dates back to 2021, short after my emergence as National President of Okun Students Association (NAOS). Part of my plan and policy thrust was the development of education through provision of free JAMB UTME form for prospective tertiary institution students which to the glory of God and supports from individuals among which Engr Folorunsho Olafemi belong to, I was able to directly and indirectly dole out over five hundred (500) JAMB UTME form to students in 2021. As at the time of his support in respect to the JAMB UTME initiative undertaken by the ‘New Cause Administration’ of NAOS, I haven’t met Engr Folorunsho Olafemi. Communication then was done through the erudite Barr. Emmanuel Ayo Ajaun, a former students leader.

Fast forward to 2022, I sought to surpass my previous record of JAMB UTME distribution to students, this I successfully did in grand style with support from Engr Folorunsho Olafemi, Hajia Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu, Mr Abayomi Bello and many other illustrious and industrious Okun men and women of goodwill.

Similarly, Engr Folorunsho Olafemi does not only pay JAMB UTME form for less privileged students and leave them to labour rigorously in the pursuit of their academy. Engr Folorunsho Olafemi has on several occasions paid tuition fees and provided relief materials (food stuffs) to students as a form of morale booster for the students. His contributions to community development and community development projects are topnotch.

Engr Folorunsho Olafemi historically, has been a pillar of support to students and youths associations, particularly NAOS since the administration of Comrade Henry Olorunlaye. He’s a very accessible individual who we need not implore all sorts of lobby and the stress of letter writing before we can meet and have a tête-à-tête conversation with him.

He’s endeared to the students and youths poluation in Okunland as a result of his enormous contributions and level of accessibility unlike other people of his calibre. It is on this note that the young persons population has resolved to unanimously support his candidacy to further his philanthropic gestures.

 Ahead of the 2023 election, individual contributions and level of accessibility should be sole determinant of who gets what. If this is adopted, then it will be advisable for other contestants for the Yagba House of Representatives seat to honorably leave the stage for Engr Folorunsho Olafemi, hence, a devastating defeat awaits them.

– Babarinde Sunday Adeyemi,
16th NAOS National President.

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