Must-Read Poem: Banditti

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Woe unto the city fathers inflicting pain on us
Merrying in vanity
Squandering of bloody penny
Transacting with criminals
The New Sheriff in town
Oh, when will this madness end?

School children now cool cash for the elites
Who use the taxpayers’ money in exchange of the future leaders in lottery
Alas! Men with guns laughing in plenty
While the saints get punished for their sins
Oh, when will this madness end?

As the NEWS of kidnapping pierces me like the foot of Kilimanjaro waiting to fall
My head tumbles in succession
Seeing kids shouting for FREEDOM
But no succor at sight
The slayers paraded them as meat for the slaughter
Oh, when will this madness end?

Mothers wailing in pains
‘Bring back our girls’
Resounding shout in their mouths
Help us!
Fathers languishing in fear
As their offsprings vanish like the morning dew
Alas! No leader to call a saviour

– Arogbonlo Israel.

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