Muri May be ‘Guilty of Imaginary Anti-Party Activities’ But Should be Forgiven – Group

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A political group, Murilight, who are drumming support for the candidature of Hon. Murtala Yakubu Ajaka has issued a statement condemning the orchestrators of the failed attempt to suspend him few days before the All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship screening in which it candidate is a leading contender.

The statement signed by Salihu Jiddah Adam, stated that “events in the last few days have been torturous and very thought-illuminating at the same time that sometimes, what we think, is not what it looks like.”

The group coordinator said Hon Murtala Yakubu Ajaka almost became prey to such circumstance as a man who was expected to receive encomium, applause, and awards of excellent performance from the highest ranks of the party, was almost heaved into the mud.

“As a member of NWC of the party, Murtala Ajaka deemed it fit to represent the state gloriously in the campaigns of the party that ushered in the President-Elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed TInubu.

“He was seen in so many states during the national campaign, making the name of the state well-represented everywhere. This was in line with the vision and support of Kogi state Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello and so it was easy for him to muscle in energy even in the face of stress to represent his state at the highest level.

“He was always in contact with the Governor to sort his opinion on all major decisions that would help the party to victory.

“My visit to Lugard house last year got me astonished when I saw 21 brand new vehicles he (MURI) had purchased for the campaign in all local governments of the state; he later increased the number to over 40 vehicles for the APC in the state. That is not the news.

“As a core party man with respect to protocols, well-trained, unpretentious, and a man with the highest regard for the state and the Governor, Muri did not connect with anyone directly. He sought the opinion of Governor Yahaya Belo and allows the Governor to direct it. These vehicles were brought and parked at the Lugard house and later shared to the campaign team of Governor Yahaya for the Presidential candidate (BAT) according to the edicts of His Excellency.

“With his national assignments, one would have thought that such a brave contribution was laudable enough. Muri went further to participate directly in all the campaign activities in most local government areas for all the aspirants and by so doing, he was amongst other things, donating cash, transformers, and other valuables to the people.

“He contributed directly to all the aspirants and I am happy they are all alive. By this write-up, I wish to challenge any aspirant of the APC in the last election, especially from Kogi east who did not receive such support from Muri Ajaka to please pen a rejoinder to this.

“In all of these actions, he never forgot to call for support of the Government of Alhaji Yahaya Bello and the party. So it is delusional for anyone to have nurtured the idea to rubbish him,” he said.

Jiddah said those who were behind Muri’s failed suspension fit into the axiom “the enemy within”.

“They were the natural enemies of the party and the Governor. Their plan was to create bedlam within the party and ensure that the most active party man in the last election, Hon Muri Ajaka was brought down.

“If Hon Murtala Ajaka was involved in any ‘imaginary’ anti-party activity in the last election, it means the party’s aim was not to win and Muri innocently worked for the party and all its candidates.

“If this is the case, then Murtala Ajaka is guilty. Anything outside working for the APC was not an idea worthy of thought for a man who has become the hope of the party’s progress in the eastern part of the state.”

The group went further to state that Hon Muri Ajaka’s biggest achievement has to be the success of APC at all levels having being privileged to be part of it formation right from the ACN to where we are today.

“In his entire political history and service, he has never been found wanting by the party or his bosses who are always proud of our son.

“He may not have worked in accordance with the aspiration of the moles in the party who wanted to dig a big hole for its falls, that is the agony they are suffering from and this will continue for a very long time.

“Yesterday, after some candidates of the party who won the last elections into various positions took pictures with Muri in a show of appreciation it was clear that the man Muri committed his time and energy at least more than any APC member from Kogi East if not Kogi state in general (H.E exclusive) to ensure victory for the party. If this is anti-party activity, Murtala Ajaka remain unapologetic about it.

“He is a party man who has no anti-party in his DNA- and would not have known that they are some high ranking members of the party who were against it successes.

“Murilight wishes to warn, that plans to hack down dedicated members will set a bad example in the party and may lead to its failure in the next election.

“We also want to advise his Excellency the Governor; Alhaji Yahaya Bello to play the father role that God has given to him at this time and not allow himself to be hoodwinked by wolfs in sheep’s clothing, whose intention is to create bad blood within the party, especially between Kogi East and Kogi Central where the Governor comes from.

“The next candidate of the party must be a man of character, a core party man, with competence and capacity to lead the state, a man whose credential is good enough to compete favourably, dear to the hearts of the populace to allow for an easy ride to victory.

“We believe as a group that Murtala YAkubu Ajaka is the best fit for these qualities and should be given this opportunity.”

The group called on the entire party faithful to reject the current division being hatched in the party and ensure that their support for candidates must go beyond tribal or religious sentiments if the progress of the state and the party is what we all have in our minds.

“We must also pick fairness as our apothegm. We further ask all Murtala Ajaka supporters not to engage in such arguments but issue based discussions especially when we are aware that our candidate can only win when competence is to be considered.”

Salihu Adam Jiddah
DG, Murilight Support Organisation

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