MJ Raimi: The Exit of a Hero, Dedicated Public Servant and Icon of Honesty

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Alh. Muhammed Jimoh AbdulRahim was an accomplished public servant with eyes for details and achievement of goals. His dedication to duty and high level of honesty saw him rose to become the Chief Estate Officer & Head of Works Department of Okene Local Government, Kogi state.
He was a very simple and humble man who is of the people’s breed, in Ebiraland and beyond.
He was a true role model for many that had worked with him or have come across him generally.
Alh. Jimoh Raimi, as he was popularly called, was born in Ebiraland, in Okene Local Government of Kogi state, to the humble family of Imam AbdulRahim Yahaya, Sheikh Tajudeen, on the 15th of June, 1943.  He was an embodiment of hard work which is reminiscent of his family background. Married with children.
Family Background
His parent and great grand parents are notable lslamic scholars of Ilorin origin. Their desire to spread the message of Islam far and near, for as long as they can go saw them migrate to Kabba where they established a great presence and structure, promoting Islamic education as treasurer under the colonial administration (Kabba province). Their next destination from Kabba, by invitation, was Ebiraland where their efforts and struggle to propagate Islamic education and value system contributed greatly to the people of Ebiraland embracing Islam across the nooks and crannies of the present day Kogi state and beyond.
The efforts of Imam Tajudeen in the propagation of Islam was legendary and saw him became the first Chief Imam of Ebiraland. His community service oriented background and high moral values contributed to moulding our value system and respect for one another.
The very many positive attributes of this great family contributed to the rapid development of Ebiraland.
The humble and scholarly background of this great family contributed immensely in shaping the upbringing and lifestyle of every member of the AbdulRahim family for which Alh. Jimoh Raimi was also a beneficiary.
Alh Jimoh Raimi is a complete reflection of Sheikh Imam Tajudeen family who believes in honesty, hard work, acquisition of knowledge, discipline respect for humanity, community service and, above all, always guided by the fear of Almighty Allah.
Educational Background
Alh. MJ Raimi attended Central primary school and thereafter, proceeded to the then provincial secondary school, all, in Okene.
He attended the Survey school Zaria and attachment course in the ministry of Land and Survey in Kaduna state between 1962 and 1965.
He also attended the Assistant Estate Officer’s course in Kaduna Polytechnic, from 1972 to 1973.
He was soon back to the same institution from 1977 to 1978 for Property Management & Assessment course.
His penchant for learning, as a family value and attribute, saw him pursue and obtained Advanced Diploma in Public Administration at Kwara polytechnic, Ilorin from 1989 -1990.
In addition to being the Head of the Works and Chief Estate Officer in Okene Local Government, he headed the Okene Land Allocation Advisory committee, an assignment he carried out diligently with utmost honesty,  to the administration of the people of Ebiraland. In fact, this earned him a dedicated song from the natives which is sang thus:
Waka she ete irehi yiwu,
Ne tu Ijimoh oni izeiza,
Waka she eti irehi yiwu,
Ne tu Ijimoh oza oboro
Translated thus:
If you want an allocation of land,
Go and meet the humble and trustworthy Jimoh Raimi.
His engagement in services to humanity and lslamic propagation are numerous and varying but just to mention a few:
* Member, Governing Council, Government Day Secondary School (GDSS), Otutu, Okene.
* Adviser, Federation of Women Organisation.
* President and Executive member of many colleges PTA.
* Initiator and founding father of Government Day Patrons
* President and Secretary of many Islamic Organisations. Etc.
The exemplary lifestyle both in public and private endeavours over the years didn’t go unnoticed by not less a person than the paramount leader of Ebiraland at that time, HRH, the late Alh. Sani Omolori, the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland of blessed memory. The Ohinoyi gave him the title of Wali of Ebiraland and was turbaned by him as such, to be the custodian of Islamic Religion in the land. This title encompasses a protector, helper and friends to all which is bestowed on deserving Muslim leaders by Muslims.
Alh. MJ Raimi became a well recognised and respected seasoned arbitrator and administrator of land and Islamic matters in Ebiraland. In the course of his working life, he was saddled with various task and responsibilities which he discharged to the best of his abilities displaying competence, honesty and integrity, great zeal while maintaining a high level of reliability and confidentiality. He was a dedicated professional and Advocate of Justice and fairness.  Above all, he was always guided by the fear of God.
His wealth of knowledge made him a rallying point for friends and associates as well as family members. He was always there to offer advices on burning issues and was always quick to calm fray nerves where conflict exist.
When a person of this statue depart mother earth, we mourn and rejoice because his legacies will continue to remain an inspiration to us his junior one’s in the family in paradise and mankind in general.
May the beautiful gentle soul of our dear father, brother and mentor rest in peace.
– Hon. Amir Habib Wali.

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