Member NAKOSS UNN Faults Kogi Govt on Bursary Payment

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Does it mean that it’s only the students who enrolled for bursary since July last year that are meant to receive this windfall? What of those that gained admission after the purported July 2017 bursary registration?

I can confidently say that not all those that register as at then are still student. Some of them are now graduates.

I think this bursary disbursement is lopsided if not, how many testimonies are we having from other higher institution across Nigeria? Or is it only KSU students who are meant to benefit from from this bursary?

Let the registration portal be open for the newly admitted students as well as those who where not informed of the July 2017 registration to benefit from this pecuniary aid from our dear state government, to wit Bello’s administration as an indication of his heart burning desire to transform the backward and egregious educational system in Kogi to a burgeoning and rapidly growing one of international standard.

Let him from this recommendation prove to us that his administration sincerely have the indigent students of low estate from across Kogi state in various university in Nigeria in his agenda. As this will go a long way to convince these crops leaders of tomorrow that he is the kind of leader we have been craving for. Let him convince us that his administration will continue to be a bulwark of support to us as he had started with this token.

Concerning the registration we learnt that so many people where skeptical about the authenticity of the bursary as no body wants to be defrauded since the registration is to be made with the payment of the sum of 650 Naira. Sequel to this I will like to apologize on behalf of those who willfully refused to give credence to the information for the bursary registration that flew across social media back then in July 2017.

I will like to use this medium also to remind his excellency that it’s not only medicine and surgery that is the only medical course which deserve special consideration.
Long live kogi state and her leaders and all her well wishers; and most importantly, long live Kogi erudites in gestation.

– Gabriel Moses Aduojo

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