Media Letter to N-power Officials and FGN

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When the program was introduced around August and September so many of us artisans and non degree holders were happy, happy because we hoped the government had taken a step to improve the lives of the common men and woman in the society, the program kicked off with little or no interest from majority of applicants in the country coupled with the instability in your site and maintenance activities, we were patient and persistent until the site became stable, some of us registered twice and others even three times but that is never an issue because he who needs something must be patient.
Then the registration process was over, it was brought to an end with hope that the list would be released anytime soon, another waiting and patient stage, as Nigerian and good citizens we all stayed put believing the best crew were working to make things better and faster, then in December came the yet another shocker
A list came out and was termed batched A: I don’t know if that clause is political or apolitical but the sense in it all was that the official, I mean the Federal Government officials handling the program are unable to multitask to release full list
The Minister for information was on Channels some time December and when asked of the Batch B: as paired by them he said hopefully January or February till this moment no formal communication
The president’s S.A on media and Publicity was also on Channels within the same period of time and same question was putted across to him, his response was in no way different from that of minister of information.
I want to categorically say here that most of us are disappointed, the fact that we do not have degree does not make us less educated and unimportant degrees does not really show the level ones understanding and capabilities
Lets take my category for instance, N-tech under this category we have got software and hardware, lots of companies out there needs the services of software and hardware engineers and most of us hardware engineers are also good in some aspects of software engineering and maintenance, why then is the government careless about the future of majority of us who are unable to access loan based on their unfavourable policies which has relegated us to dormancy?
If the officials are few in number and could not fast track the activities of the program why not screen some of us that applied so as to engage us in basic areas where more hands are needed
A general look at the program would show that more hands are definitely needed, because even the released list has not been adequately managed since the time of release till this moment
I do pray the appropriate authorities gets this note and act upon as prompt as necessary
Thanks from N-powerite
– Kadiri Darlington Salisu
God Bless Nigeria.

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