Lokoja/Koto Bye-Election; Why Imam?

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As the race for the replacement of late Rt. Hon. Buba Jubril, member representing Lokoja/Koto Federal constituency begins, gladiators have indicated interest to fill the space in a by-election soon to be conducted. Among these gladiators is the Member representing Lokoja 1 State constituency Rt. Hon. Umar Ahmed Imam, the immediate past speaker of KSHA.
As the replacement shopping begins, many are driven by passion, party supremacy and loyalty to power that be, it is pertinent to note that, contemporary politics, especially in a representative democracy has moved from such mundane things to purposeful representation where track records of whoever is to represent the people must be top most and also such person must exhibit quintessential attribute that stand him or her out. This is why some good spirited members of the constituency have approached Rt. Hon. Umar Ahmed Imam to join the contest.
The question that rightly comes to mind is, “Why Imam?
Rt. Hon. Umar Ahmed Imam has proved to be a leader and a paragon of selflessness. Reminiscent his career in civil service, vis a vis Joint Admission and Matriculation Board(JAMB). Rt. Hon. Umar Ahmed Imam has spent a substantial amount of his earnings in putting smiles on people’s face. While in JAMB, he embarked on empowerment programs where the youths of his local government and by extension state were empowered in different skills; tailoring, carpentry, computer training etc. Payment of school fees to students of tertiary institution, WAEC & NECO payment and health intervention scheme. This Philanthropist who was then simply referred to as “Alfa JAMB”
The charismatic attributes he exhibited while in JAMB contributed immensely to his political success.
When Rt. Hon. Umar Ahmed Imam indicated interest to contest for Lokoja 1 State constituency, he got overwhelming support from his people.
As member representing Lokoja 1 State constituency, it has been a success story since 2015 when he was sworn in as member of the State House of Assembly. His simplicity and selflessness was a factor that led to his emergence as the Speaker of Kogi State House of Assembly.
Within 6 months in office, Rt Hon Umar Ahmed Imam flagged off his empowerment program where about 62 (sixty two) members of his constituency were trained in different craft. Tailoring, Tiling, Computer Training, Welding Work, Fashion Design, Saloon etc. The first batch of the trainees have since graduated and equipped with starter pack to make life easier for them.
On the day of graduation, second batch of 151 (One hundred and fifty One) trainees was flagged off 101 from Lokoja 1 his constituency drawn from each polling unit in Lokoja 1 with constituency allowance and 50 from his personal Salary broken down into 30 for Lokoja 2 State Constituency as requested for by the then APC Lokoja LGA party chairman, Alh Haruna Isah and 20 for Kogi/KKF constituency, as requested by the good people of Kogi/KKF. The training for the beneficiaries is a one year intensive training paid for by Rt Hon Umar Ahmed Imam, stipends provided and New starter packs to be procured for beneficiaries as was done the first batch beneficiaries.
The Nigeria/Korea program is in process in progress, though the beneficiaries are yet to be selected but all payments for the program have been fully paid for by Rt Hon Umar Ahmed Imam. The Empowerment program of Rt. Hon. Umar was handled by party members under the Auspices of Rt Hon Umar Ahmed Imam Skill and Empowerment Program RHAISAEP.
As a disciplinarian, his party, the All Progressive Congress was fully involved in his programs.
In addition, for the first time, Rt Hon Umar Ahmed Imam displayed an incredible level of transparency by presenting a cheque of N5m as was given to him to members of his constituency. The money was used to carryout projects across the five WARDS that form his constituency.
Within 2 years, in addition to the massive empowerment programs, Rt Hon Umar Ahmed Imam embarked on rehabilitation of drainage, provision of pipe borne water, payment of tuition fee, health intervention amounting to millions of Naira.
To Rt. Hon. Umar Ahmed Imam, it is service to the people first. He doesn’t believe in giving out fish rather teaches member of his constituency how to catch fish. He has displayed unparalleled love for his constituents.
To whom much is given, much is expected.
Rt. Hon. Umar Ahmed Imam has within this 3 years proved beyond reasonable doubt he is a worthy ambassador of his people. With this achievement in shot time, it is clear that he will do more if higher responsibility is entrusted to him. This and many more reasons underpin the choice of Rt Hon Umar Ahmed Imam for House of Representatives in the forth coming bye election. We urge the good people of Lokoja Koto to rally round Rt Hon Umar Ahmed Imam for a better representation.

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