Lokoja I Constituency: If Not Babadoko, Who Else?

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The Lokoja I constituency seat is seen to have many people who are jostling to occupy the legislative chamber of the State Assembly coming from various parties. But one fact that’s crystal clear is that many are called and few are chosen, many are allowed to contest but the prerequisite to give them the mandate will certainly be determined by the one who is doing the bidding of the electorates, it is a game of many people but a winner by call of destiny occupies the seat.

Hon. Suleiman Babadoko who has previously represented the constituency at the 5th assembly with far fetch show of realities of his performance doing the best for his people, recorded good history in constituency projects (infrastructure), empowerment, employment generation, and quality representation with people’s bills, motions and resolutions that are of multipliers effects to the generality of Kogi populations.

On all the candidates desiring the most honourable office at the state assembly where experience counts, continuity is what will make a returning lawmaker do much more than a first timer who barely knows the intrigues and the in-house politics that’s being played out at the Assembly.

For Hon Babadoko, is a pride to not only Lokoja electorates but to all Kogites who sees him as an Eagle soaring to higher altitudes to change kogi for better under the PDP mandate. Babadoko knows the politics of the state assembly, haven had the experience of lawmaking at the Chamber to have represented the constituency.  That place is unquestionably and arguably fit for the likes for Hon Babadoko.

2011-15  revealed that Hon Babadoko is on constant touch and in tuned with his kinsmen as they have sworn an allegiance this time around  to return him back to the state assembly again and again.

To people like Bawa Maikudi, a die-hard PDP loyalist, in confidence told news men in Lokoja that the former lawmaker has no any rival as far as the 9th of March election of House of assembly seat is concern.

Bawa said: “Babadoko has no any case to settle with the electorates, he is the best to bring much development in the history of Lokoja I. What do we want from a Honorable  more making laws and bills? This man has done more than that by providing social infrastructures and state government projects are all over our constituency because of his influence to former Gov Alhaji Ibrahim Idris ( Into)  Tell me who else? if not Babadoko I didn’t see the man or woman that can beat him hands down.

“Our party PDP knows the worth of this great man, the electorates have seen him worth any other person that’s making any difference view about Babadoko is certainly a political boot liker of other politicians who do not want the progress of our constituency. And I assures you the person is an intruder, is not from Lokoja, may be a hanky panky politician that’s using quacks journalists and mushroom media organizations to score cheap popularity. For we in Lokoja I constituency  is PDP sak, our sure banker waiting for second swearing-in.”

Ali Zaki Ali is another young man who believe in Babadoko’s kind of politics and can’t anything humanly possible to make sure he return as a Lawmaker for the Second term all because his first term as a Lawmaker  showed that he has the capacity to even be a Speaker  of this state.“If there is a way that I will make Babadoko a permanent house member, I will certainly do, non can be like him  among those dreaming to be our representative. He is better than them hundred times when it comes to quality representation. We all know what they can do and the limit they can go,” he said.

The political momentum seems to be gathering in favor of Babadoko in the constituency, he is getting the reaffirmation mandate and in no distance time every other politician will be sent back to their permanent home. Because if not Babadoko it can’t be anyone else.

If not Hon Suleiman Babadoko, it can’t be no other person else as far as Lokoja I constituency  is concern.

– Abbas Yahaya

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