Lokoja I and Chances of Suleiman Babadoko’s Assembly Bid

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The 2019 House of Assembly  elections is no doubt a progressive decision of the electorates to yet decide another four years term for all elective positions in the country.

The opposition party which is battling to administer the helms of the country’s affairs, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is facing all sorts of opposition attacks, counter and banter of blames by “perceived” enemies of the opposition party of the woes bedevilled Nigeria and Nigerians.

Lokoja | state constituency, where Hon Suleiman Babadoko will be hopefully representing, is currently under the political tension of who becomes the area’s next lawmaker. In the political template of Lokoja, many people are jostling to battle this man of great virtues whose story is long written in the tablets of history.

As the legendary English writer, poet and dramatist of all time, Williams Shakespeare, in his classical comedy, Twelfth Night,” said through Malvolio, “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

Babadoko is beyond doubts a great man all because he availed himself for God to use his talent of representation to people of all races and places, on receiving the support by the invincible hand of God he received the grace and knowledge to conduct himself to meet the expectation of the people while in the 5th assembly.

Babadoko ideology for a better representation is to see people as the best reason for leaders to be leaders. “Without people there can never be leaders or anything call democracy or act of leadership”. This come to mind to say that the chances laid before him are tenable and high to make him a Honorable member representing the people of Lokoja | constituency for the second term.

Most likely, come 9th of March elections if the chances come to play in his favor, it’s a no doubt reality that Babadoko, who is popularly known as ”Gurza” history is going to repeat itself to his favor.


Like Dr. Martin Luther King said he had a dream, and he inspired people to make his dream their own. He knew what it would take to realize that dream, and he showed people how to do it. One thing that is truth said of Suleiman Babadoko is the nature of all-inclusive governance in him, a Honorable who is void of all sort of sentiment, willing to give the best to all people.This his good leadership in-built ability is a broad way question to ask if his opponents can have the thread of better representation than he is representing.

1. Chances of competence: As the people would want to say it;”experience count “, it count because on a general assessment to all those seeking the office of the Lokoja | constituency, it is on record, no one has dared to break it that the competence in Babadoko is a giant shoe that his opponent will never dare to wear. Hon Babadoko has the spirit of I can do it, a goal getter with wit of competence to fight for her electorates at whatever and for whatever that might cost him to.

Observed him in the 5th assembly during plenaries, his presentations and composure while articulating his motions, resolutions or observations debating on topical issues that borders to not only the people of Lokoja state but Kogi as a state.

His garnered experiences as a lawmaker who represented his  constituencies have armed the man to get wider and broader experience that make him more competent than any other person desiring to be the next Hon member of Lokoja | constituency.

His tenacity and enthusiasm to politics made him to break fallow grounds in representing a  dominated political area representing the people of Lokoja

To those who follow him closely will agree that the representation is perfect, cordial and focused to serve Kogites with his good bills in place, motions and resolution that has been making the state progressing. With the much legislative experience of Hon Babadoko, it will be in the best interest of Lokoja | constituency to as a matter of people driven  representation, and consolidation of assembly duties, and in the best interest of Kogites to reelect this man who is a caucus of kogi PDP. To many who know Babadoko too well will attest that he is a man who has echoes voice to defend his constituent at all cost.

2. Chances of general acceptability: Lokoja | constituency is consisting of five wards,  Suleiman Babadoko a firm believer of the tenets of democracy embarks on a one on one,one to meet two campaign strategy to consolidate his votes than any other candidate of a political party.

In all the polling units his supporters that could term die-hard are there manning the place for him, as a matter of consultations no Ward he didn’t go to seek for reelection. His kinsmen and critical stakeholders have been contacted, consulted to see the need of his reelection mandate to be a clarion call for all. His acceptance is in generalized form to depicts his tested popularity.

3. His scored card Chance: According to one mubaraq yasmin From ward C that in the history of Lokoja | state constituency,no house member has done what Hon Babadoko did in terms of projects, empowerment and securing Jobs for his electorates.  while in the 5th assembly Babadoko is no doubt a celebrity who bundle piled of legislative successes in the archives of present State assembly.Legislative duties are practically the work of a well grounded politician who gained much experience to be able to make a difference at the state Assembly.

Babadoko out of passionate, love for his electorates, I discovered he has done quite a number of capital projects, create jobs for many people, especially the youths and facilitate the present of state government projects in his constituency.He create the record and keeping it with much zeal to do much more by doing one projects of the other in all the five ward of the zone. Below is a lineup of some of them:


1. Sarkin-Noma community 2. Kogi Poly Environ3. Ali Jabu Area4. Igbo community Hall5. Adankolo Ring road. 6. Moremi Area7. Fentolu Juction 8. Lokongoma Phase 119. Markaz Uphill community 10. Cantoment11. Army signal Enviro12. Behind Alheri13. Fen Juction 14. CSS Bookshop 15. Galilee community16. NRC karaworo17. Anguwan Tivi18. Behind Federal  University 19. Lokongoma,  behind Muslim community 20. Sarkin Noma (new layout) 21. Idi felele community.


He has succeeded in Influencing the reticulation of water in Lokoja and its environs in the following areas.

1. purchase of power generating set and pumping machine for Ali Jabu Area in Ward D. 2. Otokiti Village3. Purchased of pumping machine and laying of pipes to upper Anguwan hamza area. 4. Lokongoma  phase 1 being influenced. 5 Adankolo  Ring roads- influence 6. Some part of Adankolo new layout 7. Behind former science secondary school.8. Adankolo housing estate 9. Marine quarters and Moremi Area 10. Cantonment (Lower and upper area)11. Imgration Juction/Newly layout12. Anguwan Tivi area- Influenced 13. Reservoir to holy trinity/ crowther quatery14. Anguwan Masara area15. Shaba Yagi16. NEPA/Kewon area 17 Abattoir18. International market community- Influence19. Anguwan Rimi area- Influenced 20. Connection of Anguwan hamza, maigari palace with main line of greater Lokoja water21.  Kpatan koto Area 22. Donation of N400,000 only to Fentolu for water projects 23. Facilitation of motorized borehole to NRC karaworo 24. Reticulation  of water to paparanda area25. Extension of water at Mallam Bawa Juction to gidan Basa uphill in kabawa 26. Reticulation of water from St Mary’s to Amorley Baptist area 27. Behind police headquarters 28.  Pumping machine at baptist area,  Anguwan hamza with 2-NOSLE to Ward C Biye Tyre. 29. Donated 120 pipes to upper karaworo Anguwan Tivi area 30. N220,000 only for further reticulation of water in Fentolu.


1. Award of scholarship to about 120 indigene students of tertiary institution

2.Grading of roads in Ward A places like Army signal, Lokongoma west river road,  phase II.

3. Influenced directly the construction of federal pay office road new layout, Anguwan Tivi road,  maigari palace road and Anguwan Kura sardauna junction road.

4. Distribution of 78 motorcycle to youths under the empowerment program

5. Donation of 2 nos of motorcycle to Adankolo youths

6. Distribution of revolving loan scheme to over 350 women across the 5 wards lokoja

7. construction of drainage in cantonment area near sheik Yabagi house.

8 Provision  of empowerment to indigenes of the constituency

9. Facilitated the construction of VIP toilet in Adankolo market under the SURE-P project

10. Sponsoring of constituents members to Hajj and Jerusalem

11. Construction of public toilet in Lokongoma

12. Construction of public toilet in sarkin noma

13. Influence construction of VIP toilet in Adankolo behind Chief Katugwa house

14. Construction of health centre in Otokiti village

15. Provision of employment into federal and state Parastatal such as customs,  immigration service and state judiciary

16. Donation to numerous mosques and churches.

17. Distribution of 3 cars to some Eminent people in Lokoja

18. Evacuation of refuse behind chief Katugwa house

19. Construction of drainage in Adankolo, Hausa quarters

20. Donation of sewing machines to tailoring association in Lokoja.


Legislation as the second realm of governance is arm characterized by myriads of challenges ups and downs that cannot be handled with levity and sheer inexperienced, only if meaningful stewardship is the overall goal. It requires an individual of sound mind, gifted with the gimmick of lobbying.

In his stewardship on the floor of the house, he has lived above board and moved about 25 motions and recorded the following achievements.

1. Facilitated the compensation of Lokoja indigenes that lost there lives in the ill-fated felele accident caused by Dangote truck to the tune of 25 million naira.
2. Facilitated the sponsoring of some constituents members abroad for medical treatment.
3. In his capacity as chairman house committee on public service and establishment and facilitated the payment of pension and gratuity of several Lokojans and kogites on monthly basis. 
4. Chaired several ad-hoc committee of the house such as petroleum distribution, owner occupiers and restructuring of Local government.
5. Chairman house committee on government house and government office.
6. Facilitated the compensation of some taxis driver that involved in an accident with Dangote trailer at army barracks in Lokoja to the tune of 5 million naira

1. Matter of urgent public importance calling on the state government to rescue little Mariam from heart predicament. 
2. Matter of urgent public importance calling on the state government to assist financially the family of the victims of ill-fated protest over fuel subsidy removal. 
3. Motion appealing to the state government for the award of contract or the construction of drainage systems at the erosion site in rimi district of Lokoja. 
4. Matter of urgent public importance calling on the state commissioner of Police to rescue the people of Adankolo from the menace of hippopotamus 
5. Matter of urgent public importance calling for the suspension of the principal officers in the state assembly.
6. Matter of urgent public importance calling on the state government to connect ward C and Downs area of Lokoja with direct water channel from the greater Lokoja water work 
7. Matter of urgent public importance calling on the state government to employ professionals into some ministries and parastatal. 
8. Matter of urgent public importance calling on the state government to site a new primary school at eid community praying ground. 
9. Matter of urgent public importance calling on the state government to connect Lokoja township with the greater Lokoja water works for effective distribution.
10. Matter of urgent public importance calling on the state government to assist financially Umar Isah for the operation of his ameloblastoma condition 
11. Motion of urgent public importance calling on the federal ministry of works to direct gitto construction company to expand the culvert in sarkin Noma to avert the perinial flooding in the community.
12. Matter of urgent public importance calling on the Abuja power distribution company to high tarrif charges paid by electricity consumers in the state. 
13. Matter of urgent public importance calling on federal road safety corps on the need to check mate lawlessnes of motorist and motorcyclist plying one wagon dual-carriage way in Lokoja metropolis especially ganaja junction to ganaja village. 
14. Motion appealing to the state government to construct the planned modern Abatoir and motor park in the state capital 
15. Motion calling on the state government on the proper channeling of water pipe line along Adankolo, sarkin Noma felele,  Anguwan Tivi reservoir, Otokiti villages, Lokongoma, phase 1 and 11 to ensure distribution in the metropolis 
16. Matter of urgent public importance calling on the state government to direct the ministry of environment to evacuates the heaps of refuse dump in all the collections points in Lokoja. 
17. Matter of urgent public importance calling on the state government on the need to rehabilitate the township roads in Lokoja to ensure free flow of trrafic along the routes. 
18. Matter of urgent public importance calling on the state government to employ professional into some ministry and parastatals.
19.Matter of urgent public importance calling on the state government to reticulate ward C and D environ of Lokoja with direct water channel from greater Lokoja works. 
20. Matter of urgent public importance calling on the state government to construct an alternative bypass route to link felele and sarkin Noma community 
21 Matter of urgent public importance commending the federal state local government agencies and well meaningful people in the state.
22. Matter of urgent public importance on the enroll offer by the house representative ad-hoc committee to mediate in kogi state house of assembly. 
23. Matter of urgent public importance calling on the state government to passionately assist the family of late Abdullahi Osori whose building was raised down by fire outbreak. 
24. Matter of urgent public importance calling on Lokoja local government to construct the parameter fence of karaworo / Anguwan Tivi Fentolu cemetery. 
25. Matter of urgent public importance calling on the state government to submit vehement proposal to cater for additional transformers for the people of the state capital. 
26. Matter of urgent public importance calling on the state government to direct the construction of primary school in workers village.
27. Matter of urgent public importance calling on Abuja power distribution company to appear in floor of the house to explain the epileptic power supply in Lokoja township. 
28. A motion calling on the state government to construct an embankment wall


1. A bill for law to establish kogi state hajj commission
2. A bill for a law to provide for kogi state tenancy law.
3. A bill for a law to amend shariah court of appeal law.

His electorates in many instances endorsed him, his kinsmen have also endorsed him. The Senator elect for kogi west,  senator Dino melaye is personally campaigning for his second term return.

This is to say Kogi need Babadoko back to perfect the motions, to set a new agenda for his people, the reelection of Hon Babadoko will consolidate the good game plans he has for the electorates of Lokoja | state constituency.

One thing that’s sure and sincere reality is Babadoko has the will, and he has the political platforms to win the coming election.Hopefully, the Lukpan of Lokoja will get a second chance.

– Abbas Yahaya

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