Lingering Ajobe Clans’ Crises: A Clarion Call

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I have looked keenly, with a heart laden with disapproval, the lingering crises that has rocked, and still rocking my community, Ajobe, in Ankpa local government of Kogi state.

I must not forget to remind us that our community is blessed with diverse individuals who are reference points and who have made indelible marks in their various endeavours. One of such individuals is Abdullahi H. A. Obera.

The world evolves, times and seasons change, and history is made from generations to generations through conflicts and its prompt resolution. It must be emphasised that no human society is devoid of conflicts and misunderstanding, but how these conflicts and handled determines the tranquillity of such communities.

The evident ‘bad blood’ between the Omonu Akpa, Ediko and Ohilu clans, which has torn the fabrics of our communal peace, love and brotherliness calls for urgent attention.

Education has been seen as a galvanizing agent and element for transferring acceptable legacies, and it must be said that our fathers have done their bit in educating this generation, particularly the youth folks to which I belong. However, rather than bringing this education to bare in snatching our clans and community from the claws and fangs of ravaging crises, all the youths do is sycophantic singing the praises of unscrupulous political office holders who use public offices to beat drums  of war and hatred amongst our people.

A lot of these youths resort to mediocrity, shallowness and arbitrary misuse of vested power and, or privileges. 

For every nation or community to enjoy peace and tranquillity, the best acquired education must unleashed on agents of divisions and disunity.  Unfortunately, Ajobe youths do not apply such education, in spite of the fact that they possess such.

Today’s challenges cannot be solved using the same level of thinking with our fathers. Children and youth can bring new level of thinking to the most  challenging problems in our community today.

What history shall we hand to, or tell our children and generation after us if we fail to nip these crises in their buds?

Wait! Can these long-term problems end soonest, so that the innocent upcoming generations can enjoy their lives?

If our fathers are no more tomorrow, many leadership positions would be vacant and such positions would be filled by no other than the youths. This is more reason why Ajobe youths must rise to the occasion.

We must understand that nothing good comes easy, or on a platter of gold without sweating for it. If you don’t work hard to make peace within your community, other adjoining communities like Ojoku and Okaba will not make peace in our own community.

God bless Ajobe community!

– Abubakar Yunusa writes from Abuja.

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