Light Up Lokoja Group Expresses Regret Over Handling of Power Facility in Kogi

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The leadership of Light Up Lokoja Movement has expressed concerns about the manner facilities for the provision of electricity are being handled and their dilapidated nature in various parts of the state.
Chairman of the body,  Comrade Isiyak Suleiman made the comment in Lokoja on Wednesday when he led other members of the body’s leadership on an inspection of fallen electricity polls which has led to power outage in parts of Lokoja,  the state capital and the state in general.
The inspection was carried out shortly after an emergency meeting of the Movement’s executive to assess power situation in Kogi State, especially as the raining season gathers momentum.
The visibly disturbed Comrade Isiyak said there was need for the body to return to the negotiating table with the leadership of Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) in order to remind them of the initial agreement entered into with the movement.
The Chairman who did not totally absolve the leadership of the body for the seeming lackadaisical attitude of AEDC despite the the understanding reached with the body,  he said it was time for all concerned to treat the issue of electricity supply with the seriousness it deserves.
He wondered why the AEDC would be complaining that their customers in Lokoja and other parts of Kogi State don’t pay for the units consumed when they don’t take the issue of facility maintenance serious themselves.
Comrade Isiyak wondered why power cables fell by rainstorm across Lokoja, the Kogi State Capital and other parts of the state would not get the swift attention they deserve, and called on the authorities concerned to put back the power cables to functionality before it was too late.
In his words; “Our leaders, especially those in the traditional institutions have spoken to us on the need to tread lightly through constructive engagements rather than resorting to violence,  and that is what we have been doing.
“This issue of waiting for days before fixing cables and polls fell by winds during the raining periods is long overdue. We should not be having this challenge anymore since they already know that when it rains,  the winds fall their polls and lines. They need to be proactive and ensure they fix them on time.
“However, we cannot allow the AEDC to take consumers for granted. Enough is enough. It is high time that we get to action. We have spoken enough. We want to see them fixing fallen cables and giving the people power,” he concluded.

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